Explore New York City Like Never Before With Steve Duncan.

 Photo courtesy of nycsubway.org

Photo courtesy of nycsubway.org

For those of you that have seen the video below, I apologize for posting an older video. Usually though, when I tell people about this video or show it to them, they've never seen it, which is why I'd like to post it today. Urban exploration has been an interest of mine for a very long time. For legal reasons, I don't post my own pictures/video from urban exploring, but I love to share others who are brave enough to post theirs.

This brings us to today's video. If you're unfamiliar with urban exploration, click HERE. Otherwise, the video below features urban explorer, Steve Duncan. According to Wikipedia:

Steve Duncan is an urban explorer based in New York City. He has extensively explored the New York City Sewer System and other tunnels in the New York City area such as the New York City Subway System and Amtrak tunnels that run through the city.

Steve Duncan is a hero of mine. Anytime an adult is doing exactly what they want, they become someone I look up to. Steve hosts tours and goes into NYC's underground alone. Below is a documentary made by the amazing filmmaker Andrew Wonder on what exactly Steve does. Enjoy and be inspired as I am every time I watch through this.