Koonagi or Eric J. Kuhns?

Both. One’s an old gamertag that stuck and the other is a name given to me by two wonderful parents back in 1987. I appreciate you visiting my site whether you’re doing it because you actually sought me out or because you’re bored on the toilet.

Koonagi, otherwise known as Koonagi Media, is filled with solo and collaborative projects. As some of you may have noticed that have visited before, this website is in a constant flux of change. However, my focus is to provide information and promote awesome places, businesses, and individuals in the Dallas, Texas area and beyond through my blog. I also write about personal opinions, make listicles, post short stories, and well, whatever I feel inspired by in that moment.

Since this site is maintained by me, Eric J. Kuhns, I use this site to chronicle my travels outside of the state as well. This sometimes leads to articles on subjects around the world as they interest me. You’ll also find info on my books, YouTube, acting, music, and many other projects. I appreciate you visiting and I hope you’ll take a look around and find something of value. I look forward to connecting with you.