Help Support 4DWN (A Free Skatepark in Dallas)

I’ll let 4DWN do most of the talking through the video and text below, but if you’re a skater in the Dallas area, please consider supporting their cause! 4DWN is a one-of-a-kind free, non-profit skatepark with events and classesmeant to empower our community/youth through skateboarding. Check out their GoFundMe HERE.

is on schedule to be fully back open to the public and able to resume all our open days and programs early February 2019. We have half the money raised to finish the inside new concrete course, the shop, and the gallery and are looking for help to raise the rest by Jan. 25th.


Thank you in advance for your love and support!
— 4DWN

My Favorite Rainy Day Dallas Skate Spots

The last few weeks have been horrible for skating in the Dallas area. It seems like the rain is hanging over the city waiting to make its move every time the streets dry like a bowl of ramen on the table left alone in front of my cat. These past few weeks have also sucked because my knee is messed up, but that’s another story.


If you live in the area, I’m sure you already know of a ton of spots to skate when it rains. Skaters always find a way and it usually involves a parking garage or two. Today, I’d like to share with you my favorite spots to skate, (when I can skate) around the Dallas area when it rains. Hopefully you’ll see a new spot or just remember an old one to go shred during this bad weather.

1. Campbell Parking Garage

Friends and I have been skating this garage for over a decade and it’s always a go-to when it rains. Some people might recognize it for the 14 and 17 stair out front, but they’re sketchy and most people skate the spot for the garage, (Unless they’re trying to die like Kechaud).

There are a few bars around so you may encounter some drunk people at night. This can be good or bad as we’ve almost gotten in a few altercations, though we once made $20 for doing a kickflip. Your experience may vary.

This is located off of Campbell Rd. and Plano Rd. in Richardson, Texas. You can see James skating it mid-”Shred The Multiverse” episode at 2:52 in the video below.


2. Addison Parking Garage

This spot is one of my favorite flat ground spots in the world. It seems that most garages are pretty smooth which makes a skateboard wheel more susceptible to hitting tiny rocks, like the Campbell Parking Garage spot above. This place doesn’t have much rocky-nonsense which is a huge plus. When it rains there are puddles, but that just makes dangerous, (for your board and possibly the back of your head when you slip out) flat gaps to skate.

The curb is waxed up, but not very good. This is still one of my favorite parking garage manual pads because it’s low and easy to pop nollie-to-nose manuals on and whatever other shenanigan-fueled tricks you’re trying to pull off. Luckily, we’ve already filmed a Dallas Skate Spots episode here so grab some extra salty, XTRA BUTTERED popcorn and watch the episode below! (Here’s a link on how to get there.)


3. Addison Underground

This spot is a bit different than the others since there’s more to it than just manual pads and smooth flat ground. Weather aside, Addison Underground is one of my favorite skate spots of all time. It’s situated underneath a large building on Arapaho Rd. and Dallas North Tollway in Addison, Texas.

The video below starts out with the underground area and slowly weaves into some other random spots. The one pictured on the front of the video is Wylie Skatepark (obviously not a covered spot.) Enough blabbing. Check it out!


4. Comerica Bank Ledge

This is JUST outside of Addison in Dallas off Verde Valley Lane and Dallas North Tollway, (so many Addison spots). The ground is buttery and the ledge has been waxed every day since what seems like the Civil War. It actually grinds better than most park ledges. One is super low and the other one is of moderate height.

Sadly, I don’t have much footage here except the Instagram video below. I highly recommend this spot though!

5. 4DWN, Guapo, and Alliance Skatepark

If you’re looking for a little bit more to skate in the realm of ramps and rails, you may consider one of Dallas’ indoor/covered skateparks. They’re not all open every day and 2 out of 3 will cost you, but it’s worth it.

Your first option is 4DWN, though this option isn’t exactly available yet. You can follow their progress HERE for public skating. Who knows, maybe you’re reading this way after I published this and it’s open now. If that’s the case, send me your video of it and I’ll update this article! In the mean time, they are holding events that showcase some of the skate-able things built so far, (below).

Your second option is Guapo. I used to skate Guapo park before their remodel, but haven’t been since. I loved it back then and from what I’ve seen it looks awesome now. Luckily, I found a pretty dope edit made by TheGreat YouTube channel entitled, “Weekly Skatepark Edit | Guapo”. Peep it below!

Your third park option is a covered park called Alliance Skatepark. I wish more skateparks would take this approach and just cover the whole park. It would be great for rainy days and sunburns/heat exhaustion, but I digress. Alliance is in Grand Prairie, not too far from downtown Dallas.

This park has a ton of stuff, but it is HELLA SLIPPERY. So, bring your larger wheels if you have them. Hell, slap on the ole’ snow chains if you got ‘em. As with the Addison Parking Garage, we actually did a Dallas Skate Spots episode on this spot too. HERE YA GO:


Thanks for reading! If there’s a spot you enjoy when it rains that I missed in the Dallas area, let me know! I may have to do a part two in the future. Now go shred and keep that board un-water logged!

Interview w/ Shift Skateboarding Company

Since I began posting skate clips more and more on Instagram I've been given the opportunity to meet, (online and off) a lot of fellow skateboarders from around the world. In a society where it has almost become "cool" to hate on the use of social media and looking at your phone, (which I agree to in a small way), it also gives you the chance to meet really great, like-minded individuals that share the same passions as you. This is how I met and interviewed the owner of the Shift Skateboarding Company, Joel Matthews.


How did you originally get into skateboarding?

I originally got into skateboarding when I was around 13 years old. My friend Jack Zepler showed me a couple of videos of him skating, I thought it looked sick and knew I wanted to try it out ASAP! So the next day after school I went to my house and grabbed my super cheap Bart Simpson skateboard that was sitting in our shed. I rode around with my friends trying out tricks, but obviously wasn’t getting very far on such a cheap board. I was eventually given a better setup by a friend and began to properly learn tricks.

Every weekend I would stay at Jacks house and everything we did involved skateboarding! We would go skating, come home for dinner, play skate 2 on his Xbox, try tricks on his deck on the trampoline, and watch hundreds of skate edits on YouTube before bed. I will always have a place for skateboarding in my life, I have many great memories from it!
— JM

When did you decide you wanted to start your own skateboarding company and what were some of your biggest challenges you faced/are facing?

I decided to start up a skateboarding company a couple of days before going on holiday, at the time it was just an idea for fun. So I created a name and logo, created an Instagram page, posted a couple of posts and videos, not thinking much of it. But then a couple of days later I checked on the page and it had been getting likes from quite popular people on Instagram. Some cool people were showing love and my friends seemed to like the idea, so I decided to try and take it further.

I guess the biggest challenge I am facing at the moment is building up followers and getting our name out there, but I have some ideas that should help get our name heard. James Larner (our sponsored skater) has been keeping our current followers entertained with some sick videos, there’s some real sick stuff coming soon! ;)
— JM

Is there anything @j.larner can't bs 180??? 😍🤑🔥 #skate #Skateboarding #bs #bs180 #stairs #huge #skater #ShiftSkateboarding

21 Likes, 4 Comments - Shift Skateboarding© (@shiftskateboardingco) on Instagram: "Is there anything @j.larner can't bs 180??? 😍🤑🔥 #skate #Skateboarding #bs #bs180 #stairs #huge..."


Where did the name "Shift Skateboarding Co" come from and what sort of products do you sell?

The name Shift Skateboarding just rang a bell to me, I thought it sounded really good and when I designed the logo I thought it looked pretty nice.

We sell TShirts, Hoodies, Hats, and boards. More are currently being designed!
— JM

What are your goals for the company in the next year and do you have any upcoming events you'll be attending?

My goals for the company are to gain more followers, get some new team members to skate for us and represent us! James Larner is currently working on The Lords Of The Swords competition!

Lords of the Swords is the UK’s number 1 amateur skateboard filming event. Each team has one weekend to visit as many of the specifically selected locations as possible, ensuring all challenges are captured on film. No film, no points!

All challenges must be filmed and each team has only that weekend to compile footage. Teams then have a further 4 weeks to produce a 12 minute video. This video is then submitted for a public online vote with all the videos being shown at the Lords of the Swords premier evening.
— JM

How can people stay in contact with Shift now and in the future?

If people want to stay in contact with Shift I would recommend following our Instagram page @ShiftSkateboardingCo and look out for our posts! We may be bringing out a website in the future so look out for that too!
— JM

Although the Shift Skateboarding Co. is in its early phases, I really believe in Joel's vision for the company. Ask anyone who's ever attempted to start a skateboarding company and they'll tell you it's a really difficult endeavor to take on. With the passion behind Shift and Joel at the helm, I have no doubt that if he continues he'll make his mark on the industry.

I'd like to thank Joel for taking time out of his day for this interview and I can't wait to watch them grow as a company and in their online presence. Be sure to tap or click the button above and give them a follow on Instagram. Now go shred! 

Proof that Rodney Mullen is Probably an Alien from Another Planet.

You may or may not remember my article, which proved beyond any reasonable doubt, that pro skateboarder Kechaud Johnson was in fact, TOO GOOD at skateboarding? (Possibly Not Human?) After posting it, I was followed for weeks by men and women in black suits. Day and night I was harassed. I was even contacted via a note on my car windshield a couple days ago:


Who is the S.A.A.? Why am I being threatened? Well, if you're out there reading this, I'M NOT AFRAID TO EXPOSE YOU. I've been doing a little digging and I think I may have found that the Kechaud story is not a stand alone one, but is in fact, part of a larger narrative. Today, I'd like to look at a skateboarding legend that we all know and love: Rodney Mullen. 


My search for the truth lead me back to the 1960's as well as the picture above, which was originally used for a Rolling Stone interview about Rodney. Why was Rodney Mullen such a huge fan of George Harrison? Did he just buy the shirt on a whim? Something felt weird. I had to investigate.

Take a look at this: 


Notice anything strange?

Okay, let me break it down for those of you who are missing the obvious. Rodney Mullen was born August 17, 1966, the same day the Beatles played the sixth date of the Beatles' final tour. Add the numbers up of the day and year in Rodney's birthday; it equals 30. Now add up the day and year of George Harrison's birthday of February 25, 1943; it equals 24

30 - 24 = 6, as in, THE 6TH DATE OF THEIR TOUR. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Shortly after, I began to develop a theory: Are Kechaud and Rodney from the same alien species? Then the proof presented itself in the classic video part "Virtual Reality". Look closely at 2:33.

Did you see it? Here's a screen grab:



Compare that with the photo from the article I wrote about Kechaud:



I took this revelation to an expert, as I was afraid this may just be an older video and the quality made it look this way. According to Dr. Groppenheimer however, this is not the case.

What we see here is truly something unfathomable to the human mind. The pure phenomena of such a photo leaves me, with all of my expertise in most areas of science, completely dumbfounded.
— Dr. Groppenheimer

Combining what I've found, with the fact that most UFO sightings are blurry, I've reached a conclusion: what if the alien species that have been visiting us over the years are in fact, blurry beings with exceptional skills? Skills like these:

If you're still unsure with my findings, look at this last piece of evidence: 

A Winter Haven, Florida, private pilot reported he fled from a giant cone-shaped UFO which kept his plane in shadow for about three minutes on the morning of September 20, 1966. “That thing had not changed in size at all, but was still with me and pacing me. It was still as big as a football field.”

Winter Haven, Florida is but a small drive to Gainesville, Florida, where Rodney was born, (about a 2 hour drive). This took place a little over a month from when Mullen was born. Could it be that this cone-shaped vessel was the ship that dropped him off on Earth? After all, a cone shaped object was also seen back in the late 80's; almost exactly a month after Kechaud Johnson was born.

The plot thickens...

Image sent to me by an anonymous source.

Image sent to me by an anonymous source.

5 Ways to Get Your Body Adjusted for Skateboarding After 30.

I hate to harp on the fact that I'm 30 now, because it's not the end of the world. Unless something major happens, I plan on skating well into my 50's and 60's. It's becoming increasingly obvious though that unless I start doing certain things differently, I'll never make it that long skateboarding. For anyone else out there that wants to skate as long as physically possible, check out these top 5 things I've been trying to change to achieve this.


1. Water

giphy (3).gif

This should seem obvious, but I've never put this into practice as much as I should. My water intake has always been on the low side before and after skating. There's a reason water is said to be the source of all life.

Water is needed to transport nutrients to your cells and transport waste out of the body. Water helps form the structures of protein and glycogen. In order to move and flex your muscles, you need water. If your body is dehydrated, your muscles will be deprived of electrolytes and cramp.

As you can see, water intake is extremely important and if you're mixing it with a ton of salty foods and sugary drinks, you're screwed. You'll become dehydrated a lot faster. As I found pretty quickly, you can condition your body to drink tons of water just during skating. You have to learn to drink water all day long. I'm still working on this, but it's certainly gotten better.


2. Warm Up Exercises

Since skateboarding is an exercise, it stands to reason that our bodies will respond better if we warm up first. I used to believe that stretching before was the answer, but if you haven't warmed your muscles up yet, you're going to have issues. This seems to work a lot better before you ever step on your board.

According to the Greatest, you should loosen up, get your heart pumping, do some dynamic stretches, and practice these things every time you go out to skate. This should do it:

giphy (2).gif
giphy (1).gif

3. Stretch After Skating

Okay, so now you've warmed up, skated, and now it's time to go home and rest, right? Well, damn it, I usually do, but I shouldn't and neither should you. After skating, take a moment to sit on the ground (or stand) and stretch those muscle boiz you just worked out so hard. Check out the link below for 16 post-workout static stretches and a bonus stretch from the 80's below that. 

giphy (4).gif

4. Eating Better

As a disclaimer, I definitely don't follow this one. I know I should, but...I love Hot Cheetos and 3-day old slices of cake in the fridge. However, if you really want to make a significant impact on your body's overall feel, you'll eat better.

giphy (5).gif

Here's an easy guide to cheap, healthy eating from Nerd Fitness:

Maybe one day I'll take my own advice.


5. Keep Skateboarding

This is the most important things on this list (err...well, at least my favorite.) If you only skate once or twice a month it's going to be a lot harder on your body to take those falls. Additionally, THE FEAR that I wrote about awhile ago comes back and that's never good.

I've found that skating at least twice a week keeps my body, and fear of drops, at near skater-homeostasis. The fact is, it's never going to be as easy as when you were in your teens and early 20's. It's one of the hardest lessons we learn as we get older.

I see a lot of people jump back into skateboarding, take a hard slam and think, "yep, I'm too old for this." It's not that you're too old, it's that you've let your body waste away to a point that it hurts a lot more to take those slams. You need to get back into it and make exercise a regular thing. DO IT.

giphy (6).gif

Like I said though, I'm still working on these things at a very early stage of being exactly 30 years old. This list will be my life-long experiment to see if I can keep going until I can't physically walk on my own. Of course by around 60, I hope to be an android with emerging technology and skate until I'm 600 or so.

The goal.

The goal.