GUY MARIANO Full Interview

Who doesn't want a full interview with one of the greatest skaters to grace a piece of wood? Despite that sounding a bit Freudian, Guy is one of the best skaters alive. His tech game surpasses most and he seems like just an all around cool dude. Check out his interview with Transworld below.

COCI: GUY MARIANO Full Interview | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Transworld SKATEboarding COCI ® -- Check Out/Check In Guy Mariano, June 1992, Vol. 10, No. 6 As told to: Mackenzie Eisenhour This time we check in with Guy Mariano, you might have heard of him. He had his Check Out in our June '92 issue--fresh off his part in Video Days ('91)--back lipping the Peter Smolik* rail in Beverly Hills shot by Spike Jonze.

*Article cover photo courtesy of Huck Magazine