Thrasher's Nyjah Huston Interview

If you saw Nyjah's new part, regardless of what you think about the man, you have to admit that this was one of the craziest parts ever released. I'm not a fan of huge rails because they don't typically pump me up to go skate since I don't skate things like that. However, Nyjah found a way to get tech on giant rails, which few skaters can do as well as him, in my opinion. He made huge rails feel fresh and for me, that's a huge plus.

Today, Thrasher released an awesome Q&A article with Nyjah that pairs well with his video release yesterday. Check it out through the link below!

Nyjah Huston Interview

So you just got done at the La Jolla 18-stair rail. You got the fakie 50-50 and the nollie nosegrind. How do you get yourself to jump on something as hairball as the fakie 50-50? I'm gonna say the most important part about it is just going there knowing that you have to try it, not having any hesitation.