Shred Social Relaunch: Here's What's New.

We're incredibly excited to announce that we are relaunching Shred Social. I could write about about the whole journey here or what are goals for the future, but I'd rather just focus on what's new and that's it. Let's dive in.

Cataloging Skate Spots 

The goal from the very beginning was always to create a massive skate map where we could catalog skate spots and share them. Originally, I was talking with app companies and we were going to get users in a social media-type platform to add spots. Quickly after exploring the idea, we found a couple apps like it out there. So why weren't they successful?

As fate would have it, I ended up crossing paths with a developer who had made an app just like this. I thought I'd pick his brain as to why the app wasn't all him and his team had hoped for. He told me the answer came in two parts.

On one side, the marketing just wasn't there. It was as simple as that. On the other side, skaters wanted a full list of spots, but it was to bothersome to stop at a spot, take a picture, write a description, and upload it. After some thought, I decided my team and I would upload spots ourselves, though in reality we can only do this in the Dallas area.

The new goal is to get an ambassador from each city around the world dedicated to marking spots. I know this may be difficult to achieve at first, but imagine an entire map dedicated to skate spots. A map you can access anywhere in the world and find a place to skate near you. 

If you'd like to be an ambassador for your city or you would like to mark spots here in Dallas where we are beginning the project, let me know by contacting us via our CONTACT PAGE.

YouTube Index

We created a YouTube Index page here on the site with 14 of the best skateboarding YouTube channels. All of the videos auto-update so every time you visit the page, the newest videos for Thrasher, LurkNYC, The Ride Channel, etc. are there, ready for your viewing pleasure.

The Shred Social Shop


Our shop will be a little CCS-like in that we will be selling all major brands and products. Although the page will not be live until next week, the layout will be structured with "Featured Items" up top and a "Shop by Brand" index below. All of this is powered by Amazon so when you buy through us you will not only be helping support us, but the majority of your money will be going toward supporting the brand you're buying.

Things that are not so new:

GIF courtesy of Know Your Meme

GIF courtesy of Know Your Meme

We won't get rid of the articles! We will continue to host this blog with daily videos, monthly and/or weekly S.S. Articles, and shared articles from sites we love and want to support. We often do a lot of articles on Dallas local skaters and companies, though we do branch out to mainstream skateboarding topics and companies/skaters outside of our area. The site should be fully operational in the next couple weeks. 

The team and I can't wait to bring everyone more content and grow for the love of skateboarding. If you've read all of this, thank you. Now go outside and skate!