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Nike SB's Best of 2017 Clips

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If this doesn't pump you up to skate well...I DON'T GET YOU. Sean Malto's part will forever be one of my favorites from 2017. Here's the lineup:

0:03 - "One For All" ft. Luan Oliveira

3:37 - "Loud Pack" ft. Grant Taylor, Ishod Wair and Cory Kennedy

9:55 - "Elite Squad" ft. Sean Malto

12:55 - "Elite Squad" ft. Oskar Rozenberg

17:21 - "Elite Squad" ft. Kevin Terpening

19:30 - "Elite Squad" ft. Cyrus Bennett

23:03 - "Camp Pain" ft. Ishod Wair, Grant Taylor, Eric Koston, Vincent Touzery, Cory Kennedy and Kevin Terpening

26:19 - "Levels" ft. Shane O'Neill