Palace Skateboard's Release "Palasonic" Video for Free.

I think making your video look old is a trend that's been going on in skateboarding for the past year or so. There's even an app for it. Actually, maybe it's a trend across all media? Are we really that unhappy with the state of things that we have to hide in sweet sweet nostalgia? Either way, new skate footage is new skate footage; let's not complain. 

Palace Skateboards released their new video "Palasonic" for free last week with all of the VHS quality footage you can sink your teeth into. However shitty the quality appears, the skating is sick and the edit looks like it took a few all-nighters infused with Surge and 3D Doritos. So sit back on your Britney Spears inflatable chair, click play below, and let's get nasty with Palasonic.