4DWN Block Party

You may have seen the name "4DWN" pop up a lot in Shred Social posts lately and the page dedicated to it here. There's a simple answer to that: 4DWN Skatepark is awesome and exactly what Dallas needs. It's not only a skatepark though, but an outlet for art shows (which I'll touch on in a second), and the 4DWN Project.

The 4DWN Project is a non-profit to promote personal development, academic achievement, and healthy living to under-served youth through skateboarding culture and related arts. When I sat down with Rob Cahill of 4DWN, you could see the passion he has for skateboarding and the progression of it. When he explained the mission above, that him and legend Mike Crum have for the youth in Dallas, I became so excited. To check it out further, visit their Facebook HERE.

4DWN skatepark isn't just a great skatepark and non-profit, but also hosts amazing art shows, one of which, I attended last week: The 4DWN Block Party.

 The Block Party was run by Index Skateshop and hosted by 4DWN. I arrived about 6:30pm and it was packed. Once in, there was a plethora of great brands with booths, skating, live music, and free beer, courtesy of the Community Beer Company. Once I traveled inside of the building, near where the free beer was being handed out to 21+, there was an array of awesome art posted up, featuring artist Ponchaveli, Dallas locals Edward Montes and Dyemond O'Bryan, and way more.

4DWN will be having these types of events more often and I will keep you updated on when those events are as I get the information. All around, what 4DWN is doing for our community in Dallas and further, is such a great thing. As a skateboarder of almost 13 years in the Dallas area, this is the kind of place I've been waiting for. I hope to see you all out there soon!

Check out the event recap below, video and photography courtesy of Royal Deca.

Do you want to learn more about 4DWN Skatepark and how you can keep in touch? Click HERE.