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Sometimes the universe has a funny way of presenting coincidences to us. Such an event occurred in the past few weeks to me when I met Michael Becker out of New York. Read on to see how Michael and Evan Majors' agency is going to change the face of skateboarding on film, and fight for skaters who might otherwise be taken advantage of.

When we think of skateboarding in the mainstream media, the first names to come to mind are usually Tony Hawk, Bam Margera,  Ryan Sheckler, Rob Dyrdek, and probably a few more. My conversation with Rob Cahill last month, touched on these professional skaters and others, and although in these specific cases, I'm not positive that they were ripped off when signing deals, I can tell you that I know some skaters personally, that have been on the sets of huge productions and have been skewered by the acting industry, pay-wise.

It's a hard to swallow fact, but it happens all of the time. Production companies under-value skateboarding actors and the skills that they provide. This translates to a payment that is undesirable. For most skaters, they take it, because they aren't aware of what they are worth either.  Finally, in 2015, this will all change. Introducing...  

I had the honor of sitting down, via Skype, with the co-owner of The Frontside Agency, Michael Becker. The first thing I noticed about him was his passion for skateboarding. What sets this agency apart is that Michael and Evan are not only well-versed in the film world, but are also skateboarders at their core. This clearly translates through their work. It seems like Frontside has opened its doors just at the right time too, as skateboarding and mainstream areas of interest grow more and more entangled each day. According to Michael: 

The Frontside Agency is the first full-service talent management company based in NYC dedicated to representing skateboarders & skate culture across the globe.
 One of the signed skaters on The Frontside Agency: Piro Sierra - Photo by  Scott Furkay

One of the signed skaters on The Frontside Agency: Piro Sierra - Photo by Scott Furkay

When asked what and how The Frontside Agency came to fruition, Michael told me that skateboarders needed a way to be represented where they aren't taken advantage of, and Frontside is here to help fill that niche. It's taken 9 months of strategic planning, but he went on to say that he wants to take the middle men who usually set the deals up and can potentially pocket the most cash, out of the equation, so that the up and coming kids and young adults alike that he represents, receive what they deserve. Not only that, but they will help them find the jobs, work with their sponsors, and help them manage their finances as well.

 Another signed skater on The Frontside Agency: Jordan Trahan - Photo by  Aaron Smith

Another signed skater on The Frontside Agency: Jordan Trahan - Photo by Aaron Smith

As a long time skateboarder, I could instantly see the value in Frontside. According to their lineup, they already seem to have a great start. So far, they have added Jordan Trahan, Piro Sierra, Leo Heinert, Fernando Soares, and Apollo Cutts to their roster. I'm told there are a lot of high profile, potential clients in-the-works as well. I'm excited to see where The Frontside Agency will take skateboarding as an art form, an industry, the sport we all fell in love with, and the one thing in our lives that we'll keep doing until we can no longer walk. 

Below, I've put a small collection of videos from the agency's ever-growing client base:

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