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The Talented Sam Goodlin.

Artists are, above all, men who want to become inhuman.

— Guillaume Apollinaire

Skateboarding inspires people in so many ways, and if you really look closely at a skater's life, you'll find that they are normally talented in other areas of their life creatively. Skateboarding is most certainly an art form in itself, as most things we do solo in life naturally become when we follow our own path. I believe this is why skateboarding has set it's own culture, similar to other forms of rebel-ized art. Having said that, the degree in which talent is displayed, accepted, and appreciated varies, which is why it is my great pleasure to write an article about one of the most talented skateboarding artists I've ever had the pleasure to meet and be friends with: Sam Goodlin.

I met Sam through skateboarding and through the now deceased skate shop, Fast Forward. To give an example of the type of human Sam is, one event sticks out to me more than all others. It's always easiest to see who a person really is when something bad happens to that person.

Years ago, at a now torn down skatepark in Rowlett, TX, Sam, myself, and others, were skating until near close. When we exited the park, Sam found that someone had ran into his brand new car. Now, I've seen many people in my time react to situations like this one or less, full of rage. Most people would be cussing, hitting things, threatening the wind, but not Sam. 

As I waited for him to react the way I expected, he did the opposite and remained completely level-headed. I think he let out an "Aw man..." and that was it. He didn't complain or yell, he just handled it and went on with his day. I would go on to learn that Sam was always this logical and calm; not a push over, but an all around humble and good dude.

 "PuddySnake" by Sam Goodlin

"PuddySnake" by Sam Goodlin

 Throughout the years, I've mostly kept in touch with him through social media and email. It is actually this friendship that led to us teaming up for a project last year. I had written a science fiction book, but needed cover art. The first person I thought of was Sam

We went back and forth for a few weeks, as I explained my book and my idea. From there, I gave him creative control, because  I trusted him. It was a good move, because it ended up looking amazing. See for yourself.

In every piece that he does, you can see his passion for human emotion. He has taken his art from here in Dallas, Texas, to San Francisco, California, and now to Brooklyn, New York. He currently creates for himself, as well as a list of other creative outlets, inspiring other artists I'm sure where ever he goes. Recently, as a side project, Sam and I have decided to make a comic book, so keep an eye out for that.

Below, are some other examples of his amazing creativity at work.

 Kane's lady

Kane's lady

 My Best Friend

My Best Friend




To see more of Sam's art work and to follow him, visit the links below!

Facebook: ComingSoonCreative

Instagram: ComingSoonCreative and Samgoodzz

Tumblr: ComingSoonCreative

(It also happens to be Sam's birthday today. Have a great one, man!)