5 Inspiring Videos Brought to You by Skateboarders

I may be bias as an avid skateboarder, but skateboarding really has changed the world in so many areas including fashion, art, and culture in general. Out of this cultural dominance has brought forth so many amazing men and woman who have been shaped by the act of skateboarding. I was sitting down with the legendary Rob Cahill (Owner of 4DWN) and James Manning (Owner of The Skate To Create Podcast), and a Rob Dyrdek quote was brought up that hit pretty close to home for me on how special skateboarding really is. It was something to the effect of, "Take four professional athletes: one from basketball, one from baseball, one from soccer, and one from skateboarding. All four athletes could play a basic game of basketball, baseball, or soccer, but it would take all three of the other athletes near probably a year to even ollie while moving."

Now, this isn't so much a diss on other sports, as it is putting in perspective the determination it takes to even get moderately comfortable on a skateboard. For some odd reason, there is still a negative connotation that comes with telling your fellow office peers that you still skateboard as an adult.  If you're a skateboarder, you know the looks you get from most other adults when you tell them. My hope with this post is that it doesn't fall to the waste side as another list article, but truly inspires skateboarders all over, and shows non-skateboarders that not only do we have a lot of skills most people don't in other areas of life outside of skateboarding, but that we've been influencing the society around them for years with our creativity and unwillingness to give up. Enjoy.

1. Rodney Mullen

2. Rob Dyrdek

3. Tony Hawk 

4. Ed Templeton

5. Sean Cronan

So here's the thing: all of the people above are amazing at what they do and have so much knowledge about skateboarding and their specific craft as you saw, but if you ask any skater, big or small, professional or not, famous or unknown, they can all tell you life values(even if they don't realize it). Skateboarding is so much more than a sport to most of us, and as Rodney Mullen talked about, the idea of falling and automatically getting back up has become muscle memory to us now. Our goal shouldn't be to separate this mindset and associate it with only skateboarding, but to use that in the outside world as well. 

I hope this inspires you at least a little bit to go out, skateboard, and then apply those same values to everyday life.