The Frontside Agency: Round 2!

 Photo Courtesy of Destructo Trucks

Photo Courtesy of Destructo Trucks

In early August, I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Becker, the co-owner of The Frontside Agency, and then writing an article about how it all started and what their mission was. What is The Frontside Agency? "The Frontside Agency is the first full-service talent management company based in NYC dedicated to representing skateboarders & skate culture across the globe." Since their inception, they have been doing exactly that. To read the original article, click HERE.

The first article's goal was to establish what Frontside was, how they got to be where they are, and who their clients were/are. This time around, I got to sit down with not only Michael, but the other co-owner of the agency Evan Majors as well, to focus on them currently and the near future. I have to say, it was immediately clear that Evan, like Michael, has a bleeding passion for skateboarding, their clients, and the industry as a whole.

FSA wants to give back to the skateboard community and want guys and girls who skateboard to know that there is now a company that is dedicated to fighting for the rights of skateboarders.
— The Frontside Agency

This articles goal is to follow up with them, and show just how much of a powerhouse Frontside and their clients really are in the skateboarding agency. I believe they put it best when they said:

Part of our mission and goal is to bridge the gap between skateboarding and traditional entertainment, and crest opportunities for our clients outside of skateboarding.
— The Frontside Agency

..and that's exactly what they've been doing. To update you on their current clients:

Piro will be appearing in an interview for Heart of Cool in the next week or so, so make sure to check that out when it drops! On top of that, Piro has been out there killing it lately, (if you didn't know).  Recently, he put out a video entitled, "Skateboarding the Kanye Yeezy 350" which features amazing style and high jinks from Piro that really got me excited about what he'll put out next. The dude is such a character that I know we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the very near future. Check out his video below.

Another Shredder on The Frontside lineup is NYC local Rodney Torres, who recently dropped a commercial for Torro! Skateboards which can be found below. Rodney Torres started Torro! Skateboards in 2012 and represents New York City skateboarding inside and out. In the company's own words:

TORRO! Skateboards, founded in 2012 by New York City native and professional skateboarder Rodney Torres, is an independently owned and operated skateboard company.

TORRO! represents New York City skateboarding, supports some of the best native talent in the community, produces high quality skateboard products proudly made in the USA, and promotes a positive productive and progressive lifestyle, New York and Worldwide
— Torro! Skateboards

Leo Heinert has been travelling to a number of competitions like Adidas's Skate Copa out in LA, as well as an am contest in Montreal. Apollo Cutts is back in Sacremento recording more music and tearing it up as usual, with some future projects we can't quite announce yet. Fernando Soares is in NYC getting ready to film a new project as One Love Skateboards is getting him ready for it with some new gear. To see some any of these three rip, you can check out the first article, HERE or click through the carousel below.

I'd be surprised if you haven't seen Frontside's other client, Jordan Trahan, since he's been showing up just about everywhere. In case you somehow missed him, he can be seen below in New Balance's "Pinnytown" and "Quids In" videos.  

On top of all of this, Jordan was recently "Island Hopping" for a Redbull series. In episode one of this series, you get to see Jordan and others shred the streets of Male'! 

Needless to say, Frontside and their skateboarders are getting big quick. 

All great things take time to build. We understand that it will be an uphill battle, but everyone inside and outside the skateboard community should know we’re here and we’re not going anywhere. This is just the beginning.
— The Frontside Agency

The future looks extremely bright for The Frontside Agency. You can check out an interview they had recently with the hugely popular website, 12oz Prophets, which will drop in the next few weeks. Additionally, Frontside is going to have an F.S.A. Scavenger Hunt through the new app, Hypeist on October 17th.

Frontside recently found and hired an art director as well, who I just began following on instagram and he is AMAZING. His name is Scott Furkay and you can see his work below!


Although some of the above content was achieved by the skaters themselves, you can bet that going forward, Frontside will provide a lot of opportunities for them, on and off screen.  

We’re working on developing various TV projects and digital content around our clients for various digital companies and TV production companies.
— The Frontside Agency

I'm extremely excited about the direction these guys are taking the agency, and I wish them all the best on their pursuit to help skateboarders and skateboarding, as a whole. I appreciate Evan and Michael for sitting down with me over Skype and I can't wait to see where their agency goes, because I know it can only be great places for themselves and everyone involved.

For more information on anything you've seen above, and to stay up to date on all things Frontside, follow and check them out on their social pages and their website, (links can be found below.) Thanks for reading!