Recent Social Media Projects.


Simon Property Group


Flannel Group

I focused on two main properties while working with Simon Property Group: Firewheel Town Center Mall and Richardson Square Mall. I started and grew the Twitter and Instagram for these two properties. I also did regular posting and monthly analytic reports on both from 2012 - early 2015.

For the Flannel Group, my main focus was Instagram. From May 2018 - July 2019, I was able to grow this profile from 0 followers to 6500+ with an average of 95 likes per post. The spend for these results was $0 as this was done organically with consistent engagement.

5miles App

For the 5miles App, my main focus was YouTube. From 2016 - 2017, I did a series called, “5miles Weekly”. Although the series was short lived, 6 videos were produced. All views reflect a $0 spend in Google Ads.

EricJKuhns &
Shred Social



For @EricJKuhns & @ShredSocial, my main focus was Instagram and Twitter. I began treating them both as businesses in terms of growth back in 2018. Since then, @ShredSocial has grown to over 3300 followers on Instagram and 1600+ on Twitter. @EricJKuhns has racked up more than 6400 followers on Instagram and more than 3700 on Twitter. I do all posting and engagement on these channels. (Updated July 2019.)

For RumbleOn, I was a channel owner for their YouTube master brand as well as worked in engagement for their Instagram and Twitter profiles. I went in and optimized their channel, uploaded videos, increased their SEO on each video and playlist, added corrected UTMs for tracking and end cards for a longer watch rate channel-wide.