Photo by Neil Aguilar

Photo by Neil Aguilar

Had I known back when I started skating that it would change my life so dramatically I would have never believed you. From working at two different skate shops to skating every night for hours until the sun came up, this piece of wood and the culture that comes along with it has morphed me into the person I am today.

Skateboarding has come a long way from when I began. I came in at a time when the sport or hobby or whatever you’d like to call it was gaining popularity from its decline in the 90’s. Kids were assholes to you and we were assholes to them. Though we shared the same sport, most skaters found their group and that’s who they hung out with. I was no different. My close friends and I called ourselves Garland Skate Crew and the quote in the top banner, “Live Well, Skate Better” became our motto and the name of our first full length video.

GSC wasn’t just a thing we said though, it was a way of life for us. We put out our own full length videos on VHS and eventually on DVD when we got the Windows Movie Maker program. We threw little video premieres for our friends that skated and those who were outside of skateboarding. This was before you could just share something on YouTube, but…then came YouTube.

New videos meant less after that to everyone else, but to us it still felt like life accomplishments. It’s hard to explain how special the memories are when I think back to those hot Texas nights. The sweat pouring down your face as you sit on a curb somewhere and talk shit while chugging big gulps at 2am - it was the best feeling.

To this day, there’s nothing that feels the way it does when you land a trick either. It’s magic. Rolling away is a type of euphoria most only dream of. Especially if it’s a trick you’ve been wanting to land forever. One of my greatest fears is the day I can no longer walk, because until then I’ll be skating.

I made this page to share my love of skateboarding and to share it’s impact on me and many others I’ve talked to. Below I’ve added some of my skate parts that have come out with over the years as well as my ongoing skateboarding-related projects like my Dallas Skate Spots series on Youtube, as well as the Shred Social blog where I spread content from others and interview people who have made a much bigger impact on skateboarding than myself.

-Eric J. Kuhns


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