Growing up, I played the hell out of my Sega Genesis. But being born in the early 90's, I wasn't around from its inception to be exposed to the vast majority of games out there. I got a lot of used games, movie based games, or just weird looking games. So my top ELEVEN list is most certainly not going to be normal by a lot of standards, but may contain a few of the Genesis classics.


11. Crystal's Pony Tale

Wait, what? Yeah, you read that correctly. Backstory: my Genesis belonged to my dad before it was mine. He got it as a wedding anniversary present from my mom in '92 or '93, shortly after I was born.

On my 5th birthday, my parents went and bought a bunch of Sega games on the cheap, not knowing which ones I would take to. This was one. I assume as a joke.

Well, joke's on you, mom and dad.

I fucking loved this game. 

The objective is simple: you're a pony. Your pony friends were captured by a witch. Go prance around, eat apples, neigh at stuff, and unlock your friends. There's no health meter or lives. Just rainbows and butterflies... literally. 

It's on here because it's a staple of my childhood. 

Moving on. 

10. Greatest Heavyweights Boxing

I could be biased, as this was the only boxing game I ever played as a child, but I think it's the best. A solid roster of 8 classic to (then) current boxers and a ton of made up fighters, all with recorded phrases to say to each other during the matches. I think I learned to say "Mama's Boy!" because of this game. It also had the first Create-a-Character mode that I can remember (unless you count customizing the colors of your pony in Crystal's Pony Tale).

9. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

A Sonic the Hedgehog spinoff game? You don't say! One of the first and one of the best. A weird take on a Tetris-type game, but it was just different enough to work. Take your pairs of little, colored bean-blobs, rotate them to your heart's content, and try to connect 4 or more to clear them out. Combos are really how you win this game. It took a lot of influence from the Sonic cartoon show and had some killer catchy tunes. 

8. Primal Rage

I think I like this game more in theory than in practice, but it's still amazing. It was Atari's answer to Mortal Kombat, featuring prehistoric creatures duking it out for control over the land. It was brutal, bloody, and extra badass. Especially to a 5 year old. But I sucked at it. Still do. Combos make my brain hurt. But this game kicks major ass if you know how to play it. 

7. Scooby-Doo Mystery 

This bad boy is a point and classic click adventure in the form of one of the most beloved cartoons ever. It comes with 2 stories to play: Blake's Hotel and Creepy Carnival. I've destroyed both on many occasion and it holds up each time. I never get tired of the wacky shit Shaggy says, either. The SNES version, while also great, was a very different game.

6. Jurassic Park

This game is amazing. Easily one of the best movie-to-video game translations ever. If you played the shitty top-down RPG style Jurassic Park game for SNES, this one is a breath of fresh air. It's a sidescroller where you get to fuck up dinosaurs AND humans. Yes, that's correct. You can choose to play as Dr. Grant or a Raptor. Two different games, complete with different level layouts. Hard as hell, too. Took some time but it's beatable. Barely...

5. WWF Royal Rumble

As you will learn throughout this blog, I'm a huge fan of professional wrestling. Always have been. So to play as my favorite characters on Genesis was amazing. It's a super simple semi-button-masher, but it's amazing. The 16-bit WWF theme songs, the hilariously overused grunting noises, and the choppy/fast finishing moves are among the highlights. There was a SNES version too, but this one is way better.

4. Sonic the Hedgehog Series 

It's not a Genesis list without the mascot that saved the company from Alex Kidd. Sonic was the ultimate 2D platformer. Not only did it save Sega, but it caused the biggest rivalry with Nintendo to date!

My personal favorites are Sonic 2 & 3, but I'm just gonna lump them all together since they're friggin' amazing. 

3. Lion King

The notoriously and painfully difficult Lion King game. SNES had it too, but Genesis takes it again. Another faithful film-to-game adaptation, but this may be the most difficult game ever created. Incredibly unforgiving in almost every sense. As a kid, I couldn't get passed the Hakuna Matata level. Finally did it a few years back and beat the entire game. I didn't think it could be done honestly, and I know many people agree, but something about it keeps me coming back to replay it.

2. Jungle Book

This one isn't very hard, but it's among my favorite video games ever. Of all time. It has replay value out the ass! I play through this one almost once a year. It was my favorite Disney movie as a child, so to have it brought to life in an interactive game was amazing. Favorite level is by far The Ruins.

The SNES version is too different to even compare.

1. Golden Axe II

This was a game I played once at seven years old at a friends house and forgot the name of until I was 16 years old. I searched for years, but didn't have any resources. My Google-Fu at an all-time peak, I entered the only things I could remember of the game: "Sega Genesis dwarf dragon cave" and it returned something like this.

FINALLY! My White Whale! I did some searching to confirm that it was indeed Golden Axe II. I bought the game on Virtual Console for my Wii and played it for like 6 months straight. 

One of the best side-scroller beat em up games EVER! You can choose from 3 different characters, but the dwarf is the coolest. You have to power through villages and caves using swords and magic to defeat giant puppies with horns and stuff while a bunch of green and pink Jawas steal your spellbooks. The music is awesome too! The sheer replayability of this game earns its spot at number 1, but my well-paid-off hunt for this game will always make it my number one. 

That's all for now! Thanks for stopping by Caveman's Corner this week! I hope you enjoyed this list! Perhaps we'll come back to revisit this in the future and do a Top 11 SNES games... 

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