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How I Would Have Ended the Last Episode of Game of Thrones.

The conclusion to the Game of Thrones series was underwhelming at best. The cinematography and acting was all phenomenal, but the way the writers chose to end it just wasn’t for me. Today, I’d like to break down how I would have ended the show in the last episode. This of course assumes that everything up until this last episode remained the same, even though the entire last season had some incredibly awkward pacing and writing in general.

Monica Ortiz: Singer, Songwriter, and Second Album Release.

I’ve worked at the same company for awhile now and I’ve had the privilege of meeting a lot of really great people over the years. One of these individuals was a man named Andrew Dao. I got to know Andrew better over the week that he was in the office and kept in touch once he went remote. We recently reconnected via Facebook messenger and I discovered through our conversations that his mother was an amazing singer, I just had no idea how talented she really was.

Is 'After Life' Really the Best New Netflix Show of 2019? [No Spoilers]

My wife and I recently finished watching Ricky Gervais’ new series, “After Life” on Netflix. The first season follows a journalist at a small, local paper played by Gervais who recently lost his wife to a battle with cancer. He spends most of the season being mean to others and moping around. If that sounds depressing, it’s because it is, but in this really beautiful way.

My 5 Favorite Legendary Cinema Videos and SQUASHING THA BEEF.

It's no secret that Koonagi Media and Legendary Cinema have had a rivalry that spans eons, it's just that most people don't even know who we are. If you're one of those super underground hipsters who listens to Soundcloud music with 5 or less views then you're probably already a huge fan of both of our YouTube channels. Today, I'm officially SQUASHING THA BEEF by showing my top 5 favorite Legendary Cinema Videos.