How I Would Have Ended the Last Episode of Game of Thrones.

How I Would Have Ended the Last Episode of Game of Thrones.

The conclusion to the Game of Thrones series was underwhelming at best. The cinematography and acting was all phenomenal, but the way the writers chose to end it just wasn’t for me.

Today, I’d like to break down how I would have ended the show in the last episode. This of course assumes that everything up until this last episode remained the same, even though the entire last season had some incredibly awkward pacing and writing in general.

Before we dive in, let me preface with this:


Okay, you’ve been warned. Let’s proceed.


The scene opens the same way as Tyrion ambles through the devastated city. The charred remains of children and entire families lay all around. Jon and the others are hushed, like Tyrion, as they pass through the place they had a hand in destroying. As in the show, Khaleesi confronts her soldiers with a congratulatory speech and appoints Greyworm to a higher position. Tyrion walks up and throws his pendant down the stairs. He’s thrown in prison where he speaks to Jon.

Now we deviate from the actual episode.

Khaleesi orders execution of Tyrion for everyone to see in the Throne Room - death by dragon fire. As Jon pushes a shackled Tyrion forward to his position in front of everybody, they exchange expressions of sorrow. Bran Stark, Davos Seaworth, Greyworm, Podrick Payne, Brienne of Tarth, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Yara Greyjoy, Gendry, the rest of the surviving house leaders and various soldiers are present.

Khaleesi and Tyrion have a conversation in the presence of everyone. Tyrion stands his ground and criticizes her as a mad queen. Khaleesi turns to the people and declares that no one commits treason without punishment. The camera concentrates on everyone’s faces as most want to stop her. However, they don’t, as Drogon is standing next to her.

Khaleesi looks Tyrion in the eyes and whispers with hatred raging through her, “Dracarys”.

We see one more shot of Tyrion looking up and again down as he states, “I’m sorry, old friend” referring to Varys.

Dragon fire consumes him as we watch his death. Drogon turns his body to ash. Everyone stands half teary-eyed and half terrified at what they’ve just witnessed. The camera focuses on Jon as it fully hits him how evil Daenerys is.

Khaleesi turns to Jon.

“You betrayed me, as will your household.”

Jon pleads with her as he claims Sansa and Arya believe her to be everyone’s queen.

“Is that how you feel, Starks?”

Sansa and Arya remain silent and stern. Khaleesi has received her answer.

She turns to Jon and adds, “Dracarys.”

Drogon hesitates until she locks eyes with the dragon. Drogon turns and breathes fire at Jon. The camera focuses on his sisters who scream out, “No!” A shock fills the room.

The fire breaks and everyone looks upon Jon, naked and unscathed. He has his sword at his side. Jon looks up at the room and says, “Pants”. Podrick throws his own as he stands in his underwear. A quick glance from Bran shows his interest, but it’s not the time for that. The room lets out a gasp.

Greyworm lunges at Jon as he disarms him and brutally cuts him in half. Other guards proceed to attack, but Arya, Brienne, Podrick, and Gendry are swift to slaughter most as Jon helps. Yara sends an arrow into the backside of Arya. Arya falls to the ground as Davos stabs her from behind. We see bran staring creepily from the shadows with no emotion.

Khaleesi looks up to Drogon. She gives him a strange look, and he flies off. Jon advances toward Khaleesi with sword drawn. She stands with tears in her eyes as she backs up to the throne and falls into a seated position.

“You’ve gone mad,” Jon says.

“I did what was demanded of me. You don’t understand what it takes to establish peace.”

Jon stares at her.

“I do.”

They exchange further looks. Suddenly, Jon drives his sword into Dany’s chest. Her eyes widen as tears tumble down her face. She slides out of the chair and Jon catches her. Jon is already mourning.

“I’ll forever love my queen.”

Khaleesi, still maintaining eye contact, tightens her lips and accepts her fate.

No one gets peace.

Khaleesi slips into death’s constraint. Jon, dazed, holds onto her now lifeless body. The camera backs up to reveal the carnage that has just unfolded in the Throne Room.

The camera fades out as ominous music plays. The show fades back in as we see Drogon flying. This fade in and fade out corresponds to the music. We see the Stark family banner as silence descends and the ominous music fades. Suddenly dark, horrifying music comes in similar to that of the nightwalker scenes with dark cellos and powerful chords.

Drogon burns the North to the ground. We see families burning in the streets as the scenes shown continue to weave in and out of theatrical fades. The dragon continues to fly and incinerate the towns of all major families. We are introduced to each city by banner before they topple and burn to the ground.

The music stops and we’re back to all the surviving main characters. They’ve now made it back outside into the streets. They’re unaware of what has transpired in their hometowns. Davos puts his hand in front of Jon who’s carrying an injured Arya. They all look up into the sky, but nothing’s there yet.

Bran looks up. He looks mildly concerned for the first time.

“So many outcomes. I look almost entirely into the past now.”

They’re all hushed as the camera focuses on them and rotates slowly to the sky. We observe a dragon-shaped shadow and it cuts to black. We hear the roars of not just one dragon, but multiple. All sound abruptly cuts as we’re provided a black screen.


Text slowly fades in on screen after credits indicating they will be releasing an additional season, (season 9) in 2020 as the real, series finale.

This is all of course opinion and I don’t think all of the writing was crap, nor do I think this is EXACTLY as it should have been since I wrote this in about 30 minutes, (and for fun) but I think the majority of the episode should have focused on Dany, the other characters, and that room, instead of rushing her death and then explaining away everything. We deserved 10 fleshed-out episodes or at least an entire secret season 9.

Thank you for reading what was for me, my writing therapy over a show we all spent a lot of time on and really believed in.

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