10 Reasons You Should Feed Your Baby Dog Food RIGHT NOW.

10 Reasons You Should Feed Your Baby Dog Food RIGHT NOW.

I come to you today with a parenting hack: FEED YOUR BABY DOG FOOD. I know what you’re thinking, “Why would I waste perfectly tasty dog food on my baby when I can feed it vegetable-flavored mush from cans and jars?” That’s a valid point, but humor this listicle for a moment and you may change your mind on 10 Reasons You Should Feed Your Baby Dog Food.


1. Your baby can learn how to self regulate its food intake more quickly. Leave a bowl out for the day and the baby eats when hungry. This builds good habits for adulthood!


2. Easy mess clean up. Simply place a pad under your baby’s water and food bowls, (toss at the end of the day).


3. Poops will be consistent and less stinky because the baby is always eating the same thing. This way, your baby’s stomach bacteria has time to acclimate.


4. Your gut bacteria will often achieve an equilibrium so your baby avoids depression since guy microbes are thought to have a link to imbalances in the brain. (SCIENCE!)


5. Dog food will add calcium to your baby’s growing bones and could produce dog-like obedience and agility in your child.


6. Dog food promotes a healthy mane, [oops] I mean… hair growth!


7. The chewing of dog food actually cleans the teeth, which can save time for you and your baby by skipping brushing at bed time!


8. Your child will become comfortable with eating closer to the ground so you can now subtract sweeping from your list of chores. Homemade Roombah!


9. Feed your baby in a dog bowl with a reflective surface at the bottom to promote early cognitive development of self awareness and let them know “who’s a good boi”.


10. Did you follow all of these steps? If so, there’s just one last thing to do since you’re a trend setter now: post on Instagram and get sponsored!


Today’s post is the first of many collaboration articles I’d like to do in the future. Today’s collab was with Erika Guzman, an old friend who happens to know a bit about kids since she has one. Obvious disclaimer: she does not actively feed her child dog food, (as far as I know).

Interested in doing a collab with me on a future article or have an idea for one? Contact me and let’s get to writing!

Monica Ortiz: Singer, Songwriter, and Second Album Release.

Monica Ortiz: Singer, Songwriter, and Second Album Release.