Introducing Skratch: The App That Connects Teens With Work Opportunities

As we enter the new year… wait. WHAT? It’s already the end of January!? Well, in any case, my goal this year, (whatever is left of it) is to focus my attention on not only travel and personal articles like I’ve been doing, but to reach out to Texas-based companies and individuals that I think are passionate about fantastic ideas and promote them. After all, I’m in the perfect city for this type of thing as Dallas was named the 11th most high tech city in the world by Business Insider. (That’s gotta count for something, right?)

Today, I’d like to talk about a platform that I wish existed when I was young. It’s called Skratch and their goal is to connect teenagers with job opportunities in their area.

I came upon Skratch while driving down Highway 75 when I noticed strolling along next to me a car with their decals covering it. A quick google search revealed a company I knew I wanted to start 2019 writing about. I reached out to Scott Bennett, the founder and CEO at Skratch via LinkedIn who was very nice, and he got me in contact with Jessica Shannon, their Marketing Communications Specialist. Here was our conversation.

Can you briefly explain what Skratch is?

Skratch is the future of work mobile platform that leverages ambitious teens as service providers at an affordable cost.

Skratch connects teens (ages 14-19) with work opportunities to earn in their communities allowing organizations and businesses to use as a staffing solution. In the process, Skratch instills tenants of financial literacy and independence. Teens gain valuable work experience in a flexible manner meeting the unpredictability of their over-scheduled lives. The ultimate goal is to teach the importance of income and the opportunities it creates while delivering valuable services to users.
— Jessica Shannon

Where did the idea for Skratch come from?

The founders of Skratch grew up worlds apart Scott in Dallas, Texas and Ronen in Bat Yam, Israel. They grew in up in very different cultures. However, one thing they absolutely had in common was the value and importance they placed on working as they grew up.

Scott was often around his grandfather’s handbag factory where products were manufactured and later, he spent time in retail selling shoes. Like Scott, Ronen learned about work from his family as he spent time with his father, a shoemaker. He earned most of his money in his teenage years working as a photographer for birthdays and weddings. Now, with teens of their own seeking work in a dispiriting market, the pair recognized a massive shift away from the importance and ability for teens to gain valuable work experience.

Skratch was created when Ronen’s son, Liam shared his own struggles to find work and expressed that traditional part time employment no longer works for teens today. He realized that so many changing factors have made it almost impossible for teens to find a job. It was his inspiration that motivated Scott and Ronen to build this platform. Skratch is the forward-thinking and relevant solution that creates new opportunities for teens.

Scott and Ronen believe that young people deserve the chance to learn to earn. Leveraging this technology while offering flexibility give teens the same opportunities that so many adults have today. That is working when, how and for who they want to while meeting the demands of their busy lifestyles.
— Jessica Shannon

What are your future goals/plans for the company?

Skratch was originally only available on iOS, but is now also available on Android devices. The app is currently only accessible in the greater Dallas, TX area, but in the coming months will be available in Austin, San Antonio and Houston.

Other than geo expansion Skratch is looking for partners. We acquire users by partnering with organizations to connect community members in ways that benefit teens and whole communities. Our technology allows each partnership to be customized to an organization’s needs. Potential partners include schools, athletic programs, non-profits, community centers, businesses and more.
— Jessica Shannon

Skratch seems like such a fantastic idea and it seems crazy that it didn’t exist before. I remember going door to door in my neighborhood when I was 14/15 years old asking to mow lawns and rake leaves for a little cash. Had this app existed then, I know I would have had so many more opportunities not only financially, but in developing interpersonal skills and general experience as well. I highly recommend this app to any parents out there with teenagers.

Additionally, if you or someone you know wants to hire a teen for event support, sports, family assistance, creative arts, or a number of other work opportunities, try Skratch for free with the promo code: Koonagi.

You can also email them at with questions or visit their FAQs.

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I’ll be connecting with a lot of other Texas-based brands and individuals for future articles so stay tuned!

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