Matt Groening and His New Animated Show on Netflix

For anyone that knows me or has been to my home, you know I'm a huge Simpsons and Futurama fan. I've been collecting toys, memorabilia, and comics from both shows for some time. I'm really just a huge supporter of anything Matt Groening creates. This goes all the way back to his "Life in Hell" and "Love is Hell" comic books. 


I became attached to Groening's work back when I was a child. My late uncle Terry would turn The Simpsons on each day and we'd laugh until our stomachs hurt. My parents weren't the biggest fans, but it may have been out of rebellion that made me like the show even more.

Fast forward in time, and my best friend Neil and I would watch episode after episode of Futurama in his room. I believe he had the first four seasons all on DVD. This show became a staple in our friendship with the random jokes and quotes, from mainly side characters like Roberto.


Imagine my surprise when a co-worker of mine mentioned he had seen a post on The Nerdist announcing a new made-for-Netflix show by the creator who brought me so many great memories. Not only that, but it's bringing back some of the same voice actors we've all grown to love. Eric Andre has also been added to the list, among others. The show is called Disenchantment.


IMDB describes the show as "The medieval misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her feisty elf, and her personal demon." Not much else has been released other than that the show will premiere on Netflix on August 17th and will likely mirror (somewhat) a Game of Thrones-type world. Here are a few more screenshots released:


I can't wait for August.