My 5 Favorite Fight Scenes in Movies as a Kid

My 5 Favorite Fight Scenes in Movies as a Kid

If you've never felt the need to tornado kick a bottle off of the kitchen counter or imagined fighting a cluster of adults as they are trying to rob your house as a kid, then you weren't watching the right movies. I was a 90's kid, which meant that every movie taught me I could win any fight with enough training from a mysterious old man in a forest or repeatedly watching the Power Rangers.

Today, I wanted to take some time out of my day to share with you the action movies that warped my perception of defense and attack skills. LET'S DO IT.

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1. Desperado Bar shoot out!

Desperado was my go-to bar scene shoot out. Every time I watched this movie I grabbed my NERF gun. Nothing breakable in the house was safe. I WAS A DESPERADO. (Am I using that right?)


2. 3 Ninjas DUDES!!!!

This movie holds such a special place in my heart. I can't tell you the amount of times I imagined beating up the 3 surfer bonehead dudes who show up to kidnap the 3 Ninjas. Anyone with a surfer accent was a trigger (when being TRIGGERED wasn't a default Tumblr teen emotion). 


3. Blade

When the music kicks in on the first scene below, THE DAYWALKER STARTS KICKIN' ASS. I remember getting the soundtrack to this movie as a kid and memorizing Snipe's every move. Fast forward to the last fight against Frost (also below) and you've got some KICKASS MOVIE FIGHT SCENES.


4. Mortal Kombattttttttttttttt

My girlfriend and I recently watched back through this one and, man, I have no idea why this movie pumped me up. I suppose the same could be asked about the other films on this list too though. It could have been the fighting...yes...but more than likely is the iconic soundtrack that came along with the movie. If you were to turn on the Mortal Kombat song today near me, YOU KNOW I'M ABOUT TO KICK SOMETHIN'.

5. Unleashed

This movie came out a little later than the previous films on this list, but made me want to fight nonetheless. This movie debuted in 2005 when I was about 16 or 17, but I'll be damned if age stopped me from karate kicking the air. To me, "kid" is anything under 18, so this movie counts. Plus, I love Jet Li and I really wanted him and this movie on this list.  

I'm sure anyone reading this is screaming, "WHAT ABOUT THE NINJA TURTLES or KARATE KID??!" and to that I say...



Both of these movies were amazing! I don't even need to write anything here because I wasn't expecting to write a 6th movie, let alone a 7th. JUST WATCH THE CLIPS.

Have your own favorite childhood movie fight scenes? Let me know in the comments!

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