My 5 Favorite Legendary Cinema Videos and SQUASHING THA BEEF.

My 5 Favorite Legendary Cinema Videos and SQUASHING THA BEEF.

It's no secret that Koonagi Media and Legendary Cinema have had a rivalry that spans eons, it's just that most people don't even know who we are. If you're one of those super underground hipsters who listens to Soundcloud music with 5 or less views then you're probably already a huge fan of both of our YouTube channels.

Today, I'm officially SQUASHING THA BEEF by showing my top 5 favorite Legendary Cinema Videos. Let's do this.


1. Secret Santa: Red Christmas

Secret Santa: Red Christmas is one of the most thrilling stories ever told. We follow a young protagonist named Jimmy as he watches his friend get murdered one by one by a "Secret" killer. The story won many awards from underground cults and serial killers alike. This is a must-see for any horror and action film fan. 


2. Life is but a Dream

Following on the toes of Christopher Nolan's "Inception" movie, Life is but a Dream takes what Inception did and incepts it to its very core. Like Shakespeare, words were invented for this movie like "Prizza". Years ahead of its time, Life is but a Dream perfectly emulates what it's like to have a dream. 


3. Spooky Night

Jumping back into the world of masterpiece horrors, Spooky Night released and became an instant classic. Scaring kids for years to come, this movie set the tone for movies like The Exorcist and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre from the future - a movie first. Michael commands the screen from start to finish with an acting technique called "Disappear". The reveal is terrifying. 10/10.


4. Milk

Although marketed as a drama to American and Chinese audiences, Milk was actually intended to be a romance between the leading eye candy Jimmy and, you guessed it, his passion for milk. This video shows a modern day struggle with undertones and hidden meanings about society and prejudices. The video really pays off in the end. 


5. MichaelCon Commercial

Although published on the VvXjimmyXvV YouTube, this commercial showed Legendary Cinema creator's mastery over all forms of media. I heard they were offered to host the Olympics after making this, but turned it down after realizing they were too busy like they were before and after the Legendary Seance (Spooky#) video.


Closing Remarks:

If you're anything like me and about six other people, then you probably agree when I say, "When will Legendary Cinema return"? Their last video masterpiece was published over 3 years ago.

Will the Koonagi Media/Legendary Cinema crossover ever happen?  Will Ryan ever send a good skit idea via text? Is Chris Marinara really Daniel Day Lewis in disguise? Maybe one day a video will come out by L.C. answering these questions. Until then, we can only dream.

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(For WAY better videos, check out KOONAGI MEDIA)

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