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Evergreen, Colorado Hiking Trip

Evergreen, Colorado Hiking Trip

Now that this website can accommodate Shred Social and this Koonagi's World blog (plus other stuff), I can finally start posting again. 


Today's post is focused on a fraction of Tiff and my trip to Colorado. We stayed in Denver and explored the city plus surrounding areas including Red Rocks Amphitheater. This will highlight one day; the day we traveled west of Denver to Evergreen, Colorado. 

Allergies owned my head space for the majority of the trip so as we elevated from Denver to Evergreen, ear pressure became my constant and unwanted friend. Despite what felt like an earwax monster wreaking havoc within my head, once we arrived in the downtown area, parked and got out, the pressure alleviated slightly. 

As we walked through this beautiful mountain town, our first stop was Little Bear. This turned out to be more of a dive bar than a place to grab lunch. The inside reminded me of the bar Walter White sat in on the show Breaking Bad in one of the last two episodes of the series. I attempted a picture but it was dark and my settings on my DSLR were off. We exited and came upon a more suitable lunch spot.

The Muddy Buck was exactly what we were looking for. They had great food, interesting bathrooms, and some of the best coffee I'd ever had. This is also where we discovered Wailmers spawned a lot. (We're really into Pokemon Go still.)

After eating some amazing sandwiches, we took a short walk down the main street in downtown Evergreen. We came upon a stream that may or may not have had gold in it, some small shops, a closed geode store that we really wanted to visit, and a green friend similar to the ones we met in Roswell, NM.

We decided to head back to the car to begin our short ascension up the mountain to hike the Maxwell Falls Upper Trailhead. It was a winding mountain road that led there, filled with small and large houses on the side. It made us want to move there! (The abundance of Wailmer helped too.) We arrived about 20 minutes later at the trailhead and snapped a picture from atop the rental car.

The hike was really wonderful even though we never found the so-called "Maxwell Falls". We started the hike by walking on frozen streams and after a quick pee break, we made our way down the snow-filled trails. 

It was probably the perfect time of year to walk it as the weather was perfect and the surrounding nature was a mix of winter giving way to spring. Oddly, we didn't see one animal or bug the entire hike (except a couple human animals that said "Hi" as Tiff and I waved and walked quickly away.)

Below is a photo set of the hike.

Afterwards we were pretty tired, but we still wanted to explore a little more and of course play more Pokemon Go so we headed to the frozen lake in town.

Feeling pretty tired at this point and ready to find dinner, we got back into the car and headed back to Denver. Tiff and I were pretty bummed we hadn't seen any animals. As luck would have it, we came upon a family of animals in the extremely rich neighborhood Google Maps navigated us through. Our last picture/moment in Evergreen was that of shedding Elk. 

One of three Elk Bois

We can't wait to return!

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