Photo Essay Three: Hers, Forever.


Falling in love with her has been one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I felt a tap on my shoulder, turned around, and fell. Our love surrendered to gravity.

She makes me feel as if I’ve known her my entire life.

Life is a train and we travel it wildly into the future. We’re both passengers. There was a time when we had never met. Then a day came when we did...and the train still flies down the tracks and we don’t know when it stops... but at least now we have each other. Her head forever sits on my shoulder as we both look out at the changing scenery. Both of her hands are in one of mine. There are no second guesses on if I should be with her... I should be.

Similar to a famous Carl Sagan quote: from my vantage point, she’s all I’ve ever known and ever will in my lifetime. She’s a ball of energy clearing the darkness that wishes to envelop us both. She represents our ancestors: the stars, better than anyone I’ve ever known. The only difference is, is that she burns brighter.

She’s a forest; now my forest. Beings before me have attempted to cut down her trees and stomp on her plants, but she continues to bloom. My goal is to preserve her and help her grow. As with natures most beautiful creations, we often think we’re saving them, when really with just one glance or just one experience, they’re saving us.

I consider tonight the vastness of space and time, and it leads me to my most important life understanding so far: somehow I got lucky enough to not only cross paths with Tiff, but out of every possible and impossible outcome that could have been, I get the opportunity to be hers, forever.