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Photo Essay Two: Hemisphere

In this new essay series, I’m going to attempt to capture areas that hold important memories through a photograph(s) or a place that has affected me in a profound way. Eventually, I’d like to collate all of the essays and turn them into a book, but for now they’ll survive on this blog.

Photo Essay Two: Hemisphere


How many nights have I spent here? If I had to guess I’d probably say five hundred or more.

Sometimes for skating.

Sometimes to explore the underground tunnels.

Sometimes to just get away from everything.

We called it Hemisphere because of the furniture store it was on the side of, but we mostly know it from the large, blank white wall the covers the west. The cracks and indentions in the cement. The low ledge that sits discolored from years of applied wax.

I visit less often now. The stores have changed in the building and the people are worst.

The spot itself really hasn’t changed much. The ledge continues to collect layers of wax from passing skaters.

The past is forever etched into its very existence.

A drive by reveals a thousand memories, (or at least five hundred).