Publishing Two Books in Two Different Ways

I'm incredibly excited to announce that my book, The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal, is finally ready for publication. I currently have two books I'm attempting to publish, but in two separate ways. The second of the two is The Life and Death of Herbert the Star, which is a children's book I wrote and then had illustrated by Joanna Winograd

 (Sneak Peak of the Inside Cover)

(Sneak Peak of the Inside Cover)

Brief Synopsis of the two:

The Life and Death of Herbert the Star - This illustrated children's story covers the birth, life, and death of a very special star and his planetary friends.

The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal - The Very Strange Universe of Doctor Natalia Zeal is an experimental writing project where a collection of short stories were written and then puzzled together to create a complete time line across the cosmos. Our story begins on Earth in the near future where most diseases are curable and any human body part can be replaced. Despite predictions of Earth's population reaching a counterbalance as it has in the past, the Earth continues to become over crowded. Dr. Zeal comes up with an off-planet plan, but when things go awry, it's up to the doctor to try piece together her life and survive. This story is an ode to the creative process of developing a story and to all of the strong women that keep our society in motion.

 (Early concept art for the cover)

(Early concept art for the cover)

The above image is not the book cover, but rather a placeholder as my friend and graphic designer Holland Bangura designs the cover. I plan on putting out my Natalia book on February 14th for Valentine's Day. I will be self publishing it through Amazon in paperback and ebook form.

I decided on this publication route because I expect this book to not be a very mainstream novel. The book is, at its core, a science fiction/romance with a little bit of horror mixed in. My goal writing it was to write a few different stories and then challenge myself to piece them all together into one interwoven storyline.

While I am very satisfied with the end result, after letting a group of people read it, I found that half enjoyed it and half found it confusing. I'm completely okay with this. I got a lot of feedback. Some of it I used to twist and change the story a bit and some I disregarded.


However, The Life and Death of Herbert the Star, I've been shopping around to book publishers and am currently awaiting decisions on a few that responded and vote biannually on what books they will publish. 

Either way, I'm hoping 2018 is a big year for writing. I appreciate everyone who has supported me so far and I hope those of you out there that still read books and care to try mine out, will enjoy them.

To learn more about my past books and future ones, check out my Books page below.