LBRY: A Decentralized YouTube and Digital Library

I'm sick of Youtube. What once was a great platform to share videos with others has now become a monopolized system. This is great for large companies, but for us smaller guys trying to get our content out to the masses or even other like-minded people, it sucks; especially with Youtube's new monotization rules and the way their algorithm processes searches. The problem is though, Youtube is the largest video community online and to go elsewhere means it's even harder to show people your content.

Every once in awhile I repeat the phrase: "I hate Youtube. I'm leaving!" and then never do because what's the alternative? I never found a viably sound one, until now. 

 Photo courtesy of  LBRY/Twitter

Photo courtesy of LBRY/Twitter

Watch, read, and play in a decentralized digital library controlled by the community.

As their Twitter describes, LBRY is a project created to be a decentralized digital library, ideally free from the constraints of a corporation overlord. I can bore you with a bunch of text of how it works, or I can show you this video about it that explains the concept and how content creators can control the money they earn. Brought to you by LBRY adviser, Alex Tabarrok.

Having made this article, I won't be leaving Youtube immediately. You can bet that I will begin streaming my content through LBRY as soon as possible though. I want to support this project and I hope you will too.

If you'd like to learn more about LBRY and download it for yourself, click the button below. Exciting stuff!