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Einstein to Lost Girls & Love Hotels: A Literary Journey

When I was a kid, all I read were fictional mystery stories. Between my dad being a writer and the adventure-styled books and comics I grew up on, it's no wonder I grew up writing those kinds of stories. Sadly, somewhere around 11 or 12 I stopped reading all together. Books just didn't grab my attention like they used to. This may have been because my school at the time crammed mandatory reading assignments down my throat; most were boring as hell.

It wouldn't be until I turned 19-ish when I found a book called "About Time: Einstein's Unfinished Revolutions" by Paul Davies at Barnes & Noble.

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On a whim, I read the first page, then the next, and the next... By the time I looked up, I had read through the entirety of the first chapter. This began my love for non-fiction and my love for science. This book was the first item on my Christmas list that year.

That moment sparked a yearning for learning (sorry, I had to.) Growing up in a Christian school, I wasn't privy to what science actually had to say about the questions our universe was begging me to ask. Real science was a Pandora's box I had to open and dwell in.

This went on and on.

Right around the age of 24-25, I spiraled out of control, in a good way, into buying every non-fiction book I could get my hands on. Half Price Books became my home away from home. I was so excited that I would often read half of a book and distract myself away to another book out of impatience.

All through the latter part of my 20's I continued to read only non-fiction, with the exception of a few fantastic Jack Kerouac novels. I was under the impression that I learned more from Non-fiction than its opposite. Entering my 30's and snarled with a new year, I've adopted a new line of thinking.

While at Half Price's clearance sale at Dallas Market Hall with my girlfriend, I found a book I generally wouldn't have glanced twice at. In that moment however, for some strange reason, this seemingly random book made its way into my hands and through the register. It was called Lost Girls & Love Hotels.  

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This was my last book to read in 2017 and coincidentally became the book that made me fall back in love with fiction. Quickly after finishing this book, I decided that 2018 would be a year of mostly fictional books. I say all of this to ask anyone who reads this post to recommend to me their favorite fictional titles so that I can add it to my reading list.

My goal is to knock out about 15-20 books this year which seems doable since I've begun using my lunches as a time for yoga and literary exploration. As a side note, I really don't like long novels and generally don't finish them, so please recommend books under 300 pages.

So far this year I've read Milk and Honey which was fantastic, but is sort of a non-fiction, autobiographical poetic book. My first fiction of the year I started this past Monday called, "The House With a Clock in Its Walls" which will be made into a movie later this year by Eli Roth.

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Bring on the recommendations!