Exploring Dallas Area Storm Drains and a Mystery Tunnel.

Exploring Dallas Area Storm Drains and a Mystery Tunnel.

Going places humans hardly visit or are generally not allowed, has always given me a feeling unlike anything else. I'm not sure if it's reminiscent of playing the Tomb Raider games or throws me back to the days when all I wanted was to get out of school to go play in the woods behind my house in Garland. Either way, I absolutely loved and still love it.

I began exploring places I wasn't suppose to or locations considered dangerous/scary somewhere around 2007 as an actual hobby. This is the video that turned my mild-interest into a hobby:

Since then, it has become an on/off addiction in my free time. No matter how old I get, that feeling never leaves me. I thought it would be fun to post a couple of storm drains that friends and I have explored, plus a tunnel I've been searching after for almost a decade.


Collin Creek Tunnels


I love these tunnels. I've adventured them about 3 times and have a blast every time.

There are three main huge tunnels that could fit an autobot (I got your back Optimus), and off of the main tunnels are smaller tunnels, which is where the real magic is. My friend Tanner and I actually made a video about these tunnels that I will post of footage from awhile ago. I'm just waiting on the slow bastard to edit it all.


My favorite tunnel there is accessible by three medium sized, side tunnels all situated next to one another. All three lead to the same "room".

Here you will find painted, red bloody hand prints, satanic symbols, and general graffiti. It's amazing. There are a bunch of other side tunnels with interesting architecture, but in my opinion, none as good as the room. The entrance to the room is above. If you'd like to see it in its entirety, I suggest you check it out! (As I can't find any other pictures of the room itself right now.)

Firewheel Tunnels


I haven't been back to these tunnels in probably 5-6+ years, but they are certainly some of my favorite ones to explore. The picture above is from 2009 and shows the entrance into the storm drain with shrugging James and super young looking Mikey V!


As you can see, There's enough room to walk upright for awhile. After awhile, the tunnel gets a lot smaller which is we brought "knee pads" (newspaper folded with duct tape). You can see the difference below.


As things got more cramped, we decided to find an exit, but not before taking two really awkward group pictures amidst the complete darkness that tunnels provide juxtaposed by our small flashlights and the flash from the camera.


We call these the Firewheel tunnels because they follow underneath Firewheel parkway before winding into tiny cement tubes too small to travel through. If you know the area, we exited through a manhole cover right past the Whataburger and Tom Thumb strip, (closer to Firewheel mall though). One last group photo back at city level:


The Tunnel I can't find...

At the height of my urban exploring days, I found a blog from a fellow urban explorer writing about an amazing tunnel near downtown Dallas. In the blog he didn't say where the entrance was, but I've always wanted to go there.

The picture he posted looked like the entrance was somewhere of 35 possibly? I'm not sure, but if anyone knows where it is, please let me know! He described the tunnel as "walking through time" since the deeper in he went the older the structure became. 

I can't find the original blog post, but I did find something similar on Reddit as an archived post, though no one really gives clear directions on how to get to it. If anyone knows where this is, please, let me know!

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