Kabbobin: Dallas' Newest Online Art/Clothing Shop.

Today's interview is with a close friend of mine, Kabbakeh Bangura, and one of his best friends, Robin Hayes. We're focusing on their new company called Kabbobin; a clever mixture of both names. For this article, I asked each question to both of them for each's unique perspective. Let's dive in.

How long have you been interested in art and who/what inspires you?

I have bee interested in art since I was a child. I lived in Europe for a few years as a child and the architecture and just history...I grew up being involved in art and as I got older I discovered the craft side to it.
— Robin
I came out the womb holding a pencil and sketch pad I think. I get my inspiration from my life experiences whether its interactions with family, friends, strangers, etc! I tend to find art in everything!
— Kabbakeh

What sparked your interest in starting an Etsy shop with your designs?

I’ve been branching and experimenting with making new things with a new device I received as a gift from my husband. From there, Kabbakeh reached out to me and pitched this awesome idea for us to start an Etsy shop. We figured between the two of us, we really had something to work with.
— Robin
After a random sketch, I decided that I wanted to illustrate more since my design style is so structured. The “punny” animal shirts are just the beginning and I thought who else to do crafts with than Robin?
— Kabbakeh

What can we expect in the future for Kabbobin as an online shop?

You can expect great things from Kabbobin. Custom, witty and just one of a kind pieces.
— Robin
You can expect weird, but great designs. You can also expect perfection in our crafts and products!
— Kabbakeh

If you can't tell by now, I love to write articles about Dallas locals and interview small businesses because they feel like they still have that passion that a lot of big box stores lose after becoming too large. Speaking with Kabbakeh one-on-one on lunch breaks (we work together) I can see his passion for design, art, and creation in general. I have no doubt these two will go on to do great things with Kabbobin. Now go check their clothes out and...


Visit them online for more designs at their Etsy shop and through social media below!