My Recurring Childhood Dream: "The Final Visit".

My Recurring Childhood Dream: "The Final Visit".

I don't believe dreams mean all that much. The most they relate to life, in my opinion, is that they are stories our minds create to deal with emotions we're carrying with us or the byproducts of memory assimilation from previous days awake. Regardless of what causes them, recurring dreams have always been of an interest to me. 

I have about ten dreams that resurface from time to time and either play out exactly the same as the time before or just take place in the same scene, but with different characters or plots. Recently however, I remembered a dream that I used to get as a child once every couple months. I'll try to describe it as best as possible. I call it, 

“You are the most precious and coveted thing in my life. I’ve loved you since the beginning, and throughout our time together, you have taught me so much about myself. The moments we spent together are unforgettable.

I remember a time when you said nothing to me, and yet my love for you was as strong as ever. I recall instances when you killed your brothers and raped your sisters for small, trivial items. I turned a blind eye to it all, because I trusted that you would find your way. I’ve since lost my hope in you.

I know I wasn’t always around. I was a drifter and as such, I visited when I could. I'm not evil. In the beginning, we were always together. As time passed, we sort of drifted…”

It’s lost in thought.

“Maybe that was my fault, but I can still feel the times we bonded. That was real. I love you with all my heart. If you take one thing away from this relationship, let it be that I love you and always will. It sickens me to have to say it, but our time together has come to an end.”

A woman stood pale and crying. Her quivering hands were sweaty as she threw them above her shoulders in a fit of rage.

“Why!? What did I do to deserve this?”

Another woman stood next to her yelling over her.

“You finally speak to us after all this time, and it’s just to say good bye? You heartless asshole!”

Billions more screamed and cursed.

It turned its head, for it could bear no more. Its hands shut, crushing Earth into small fragments.

God turned its back and departed.

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