Huffpost: Was ‘The Lion King’ Copied From A Japanese Cartoon? Here’s The Real Story

I don't usually make articles into re-blog/shit posts and yet, here we are. Here's how this came about by a chain of events:

  • A co-worker was talking about how much he hated the Marvel show "Iron Fist" on Netflix.

  • I watched the series, but I didn't know the origin story.

  • I read the origin story and found that one of the events in the original story closely mirrored Disney's "The Lion King".

  • I mentioned this to said co-worker when a second co-worker chimed in with, "It's all a rip off of "Kimba, The White Lion".

  • I didn't know what this was and found the article below.

Okay, so we're caught up. I'm sharing because I didn't know anything about this and I found it incredibly interesting the a childhood movie favorite could be a ripoff. Not sure who I believe, but either way, it seems like the creator of Kimba would have been proud if it were in fact an ode to his creation. 

Confused or not, check out the article below. Huffpost created a really good write up on this.   

Was 'The Lion King' Copied From A Japanese Cartoon? Here's The Real Story

Ever since " The Lion King" debuted a little more than 20 years ago, everything the light touches has been its kingdom. The movie is one of the most cherished Disney films of all time, it was turned into the most successful musical ever and its soundtrack was Disney's most decorated until "Frozen" came along.