Meet Artist Joanna Winograd and Our Children's Book Collaboration

About 3 years ago, I wrote a short children's book about a star named Herbert. The story covers his life while explaining how a star and its orbiting planets form and die in space. After the story's completion, I went on a hunt for an illustrator.

Over the years, artists have come and gone. After a long arduous search, I posted the collaboration idea to a website called Art Connect. This website connects artists with other artists to create joint projects. After a couple days of posting, I received quite a few inquiries, but none as amazing as an artist named Joanna Winograd.

I instantly fell in love with her art. After looking through a few pages on her website, I knew she was the person I wanted to team up with for this book. In addition to our collab, I wanted to share Joanna's past work and provide a space where you, the reader, can get to know her and her amazing creations. Even though we're separated by roughly 5,200 miles, through the magic of the electronic internet machine, I sent her over some interview questions. Let's dive get to it, shall we? 

What are your earliest memories of creating art and what fueled your passion for it?

It is difficult to find a particular memory, but since I can remember painting, drawing and creating is what i like the most and the way I feel most comfortable to express myself. But I think is not exactly a passion, is the way I am, I need to create the same as I need to eat.
— JW

Are there any artists or things that inspire you or your work the most?

My inspirations come from everything around me, starting with the religious art from the Middle Ages over traditional Latin-American art to actually every comment or behavior of people around me.
I like to observe everything and to think about everything, even to develop sociological theories about our time and people’s behavior. And I like to tell some of those thoughts in my artwork.
— JW

Do you have any art pieces that you're particularly proud of creating?

I am proud of the children’s book « les monsters au plafond » that I made together with (Sevrine Loison who wrote the text) and the menus and the illustrations I made for Candelaria (a famous cocktail bar and taqueria in Paris). I think those are my favorite projects.
— JW

For my last question, I wanted to inquire about her past collaborative endeavors. I know for me, this is my first collaboration with an illustrator, so it was interesting to find out whether or not she is seasoned when it comes to teaming up on a creative project. 

Do you normally collaborate with other artists or is this your first big collaboration?

The book « le moistures au plafond » was my first collaboration, and I really like to draw the stories that someone else writes! So I hope there are many more to come. :) 
— JW

I'm incredibly blessed to have found such a talented artist to not only interview, but work with on a children's book. Joanna and I want to give everyone a small preview of an early design for the book entitled, "The Life and Death of Herbert the Star" and the art style she's illustrating it with.

Page 7 From Our Children's Book

Page 7 From Our Children's Book

The Life and Death of Herbert the Star will be out later this year/early next year. I hope to collaborate with Joanna on a bunch of projects like this one in the future and I thank her for allowing me the time to interview her. I will keep everyone updated on our book's progression and publication as time goes on. In the meantime, explore her website and let her know how awesome her works are!