The Wonderful Discovery of Tyler Adair

As a part of my daily routine each week, Spotify puts out a 'New Releases' playlist I always listen to. A couple weeks ago as I went about my business at work as usual, a piano song stripped of all other instruments, began to play.

As the lyrics came in and the artist's voice came over the sound of her keyboard, I really enjoyed what I heard. Then the chorus came in and I was hooked. The artist in question? Tyler Adair.

After I listened, I decided to look more into her music. I ended up finding some stuff on YouTube and her website, but I really wanted to share her sound with others in an encompassing way, so I reached out. We emailed a couple times back and forth and she agreed to an article. Without any further ado, here is the budding musician behind my newest song to jam to, "You'll Miss Me Someday", Tyler Adair!

Where are you from and when did you start playing music/singing?

Born in Long Beach and raised in San Diego! I have to say, I’ve pretty much been singing since I learned to talk (much to my siblings frustration haha). Singing has always been one of my favorite things but it’s mostly been confined to my house, the shower, and definitely in the car. I took piano lessons when I was in second grade, however it only lasted until fourth grade when I decided that soccer was more fun than piano lessons. To this day I cannot read music, however I figured out how to play by ear which is how my song “You’ll Miss Me Someday” was crafted.
— TA

Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Growing up, my mom loved a wide variety of music and really encouraged us explore our own tastes so I was very lucky to have been exposed to a very eclectic set of artists and bands. My top influences include: Dave Matthews Band for their passion, Everclear for their raspy sound, Amy Winehouse for her trailblazing attitude, Jack White for playing so many styles, and I’ve always loved Kings of Leon.
— TA

Are you planning on playing any shows soon?

I actually just played my first open mic last weekend at 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach! I’d love to do that again soon. A friend of mine invited me to sing at his show on June 30th at Sanctuary Lounge in Scripps so we have that coming up as well.
— TA

It's so awesome to interview and discuss music with talented new musicians like Tyler. It's especially great when the meeting happens because of a random connection through Spotify. I wish her all the best and I can't wait to hear what you have in store for the world in the future!

 If you'd like to see Tyler Adair play and you're in the San Diego, CA area on June 30th, head on over to the Sanctuary Lounge. You can find more details HERE. You can also keep up with her through her website at