Visiting Ron Mueck's Amazing Sculpture Exhibit at MFAH

At the beginning of April 2017, I had the chance to visit a one-of-a-kind art exhibit by an amazing sculptor named Ron Mueck. Before I fake being an art connoisseur, I have to say that I had never heard of Mueck's work until my visit on April 8th at the The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Even this article was created for selfish reasons, as I wanted to write a piece where as I research and write, I learn about this creator with you. Let's dive in.


Ron Mueck’s Studio, January 2013. Photo by Gautier Deblonde.

Ron Mueck’s Studio, January 2013. Photo by Gautier Deblonde.

Ron began his career in Australia similar to my favorite artist, Wayne White, as a creator and voice for a children's show where he was a puppeteer. His most notable early works were on the movie Labyrinth and on Jim Henson's series The Storyteller. Shortly after, Mueck created his own animatronics advertising company in London, England.

In 1996, he flowed gracefully into the world of fine art. His goal with his work was to make his sculptures so realistic that when viewed from any angle, they were precise and accurate to true human form. This of course is just regurgitated information from Wikipedia, so let's get to the actual exhibit that I attended.

The Exhibit

From the first sculpture, the realism of each piece was breathtaking. On most, I would lean in as close as possible (without security tasing me of course) to look for artist imperfections. There were none to be found, at least by me. 

His work wasn't merely just beautiful imagery, but emanated a different story or feeling with each character. From the over worked single mother to the theme of racism prevalent in our society, Mueck seemed to bob and weave through almost every aspect of humanity and culture alive today. 

The thing that struck a chord in me most was their facial expressions. Ron perfectly captured the subtle and obvious nuances of human emotion in a way a talented, traveling photographer might capture.

The photos below are in the order they appeared in the exhibit. I hope you enjoy Ron Mueck's art as I know I did. Let's take a walk through.

To learn more about Ron Mueck's work, you can visit Hauserwirth and to see his process, check out the video below from Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain