Free Online Educational Resources, All in One Place.

When I first started this website about two years ago, one of the projects I began to build out was an all-in-one page for free online learning. The concept was simple, yet important to me since my interests, like others, varies from week to week. I wanted to create an index for free educational spots all over the Internet, so that's what I did. 

Educate Yourself

The Educate Yourself page is dedicated to bringing FREE education from around the web to everyone, all in one place.

Educate Yourself has grown more and more as time goes by. I have recently updated it with not only links to all of these sites, but also a constantly updating stream of videos from various E-learning channels. As education becomes more readily available, these resources become more and more important as an alternative or sidekick to attending a university. Some of these sites, like Coursera, offer actual credits from large and generally expensive schools(though this has a small price).

If you, the reader, have any suggestions of websites for me to add, let me know! Please share this page as well so everyone will have access to these resources. Enjoy!