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International Space Station Video Tour

 Photo Courtesy of the BBC

Photo Courtesy of the BBC

One of my most recent dreams to come about in my 20's has been to go to space. The Micro-gravity mixed with the adventure involved of going to space is incredibly alluring. Maybe one day...but until that day, I'll have to live vicariously through NASA media.

The video I'm creating this post about, aptly titled, "ONE OF THE MOST DETAILED ISS TOUR!!!", is indeed an amazing walk through of the International Space Station. Looking at pictures of the ISS internally, everything looks like an overly crowded, military lab of tubes and buttons without any discernible applications. This tour, by astronaut Steven Swanson, runs us through what most things and areas are used for while traveling through the different nodes and areas of the station.

I enjoyed this video a lot and really wanted to share it with anyone who also finds what makes space travel possible interesting. Enjoy!