D Magazine on Beauty Bar's DJ Colly T

I don't typically write articles only to share links to other sites. Typically that's a marketing technique and this particular blog doesn't normally cater to that niche. However, D Magazine wrote a really great write up on my friend Colin Theall back in 2014, who is a DJ in the Dallas area. More specifically, off of Henderson Ave. and I just found out about it. I really wanted to share his talent with more people, so here we are.

I met Colin while at our mutual day job. He's one of the most genuine human beings I've ever met. I asked him recently to send me some of his mixes and they are fantastic:

His most recent mix can be found here.

The article described at the beginning of this article however, can be read at the link below. It's a fantastic article filled with everything you'd need to know about 2014 DJ Colly T. As for 2017 DJ Colly T, I'm a little fuzzy on where he currently is. My best guess would be the bass dropped so hard at one of his concerts that his heart stopped and so did everyone else's in the room. Though I also heard that:  

I’m planning on putting out one more mixtape in between now and the fall...
— Probably DJ Colly T

Only time will tell.

Enjoy the full D Magazine article below.