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My Favorite Neil deGrasse Tyson Moments

 Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Not since Sagan or Feynman has there been a better public science educator than Neil deGrasse Tyson.  He has a way about him that draws you in, whether or not you are on his side in the discussion. I first saw a video of Tyson about six or seven years ago on the topic of what aliens we may find out in the universe. This video instantaneously created a new fan out of me.

I have always credited my love for science to Paul Davies' book "Einstein's Unfinished Revolutions" and Neil deGrasse Tyson. (I should also credit Bill Nye in my childhood.) I thought I'd take this week to pay tribute to one of my favorite scientists alive by showcasing my favorite Tyson moments. Enjoy!

Tyson on the Afterlife

Tyson on Life on Other Planets

Tyson and Storytelling of Science

Every Time Tyson was on Bill Maher

Tyson and Colbert

These videos barely scratch the surface of Neil. Although his background is astrophysics, you can see from the videos above and others around the web that he researches a variety of social and political issues. It's no wonder that the late Carl Sagan was one of his mentors which eventually led Tyson to team up with Seth Macfarlane to recreate the show Cosmos on FOX.

You can follow Neil on Twitter here and listen to him most weeks on his podcast StarTalk:

 Photo Courtesy of Business Insider

Photo Courtesy of Business Insider