Maybe I Should Live in a Van - These 2 People Do.

My goal over the past couple years has been to become completely debt free. That's mostly comprised of school debt from college. When I look at how much I pay for rent at my current apartment, I can't help but imagine what it would be like to put a huge chunk of that towards my debt. When I did the math, I realized that I would pay my debt off in it's entirety 4 times faster if I put 80% of what I pay for rent toward the debt in question. 

This led me to think about a life where my living quarters existed outside of a monthly payment for awhile. Initially I thought about my parents house, but as I'm almost 30, that feels a bit sad. What could I do then? A tent in the woods? Live out of my small, compact car? Or maybe, just maybe, I could live like these guys:

Justin Burbage

Daniel Norris

The idea sounds very hippie and somewhat dirty to some, but the weirdness of it set against how we normally live is extremely intriguing to me. I also like situations where life forces you to be creative. My lease isn't up until October though and I may change my mind before then, but I do envy how simply these guys live their day to day lives. At the very least, I feel like some part of this can serve as a lesson to us all. #VanLife

Photo Courtesy of  We Travel and Blog

Photo Courtesy of We Travel and Blog