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Remembering John Lennon with Artist Pablo Stanley and Guitarist Andy Timmons

 My Dad and I becoming ONE.

My Dad and I becoming ONE.

Growing up in the house that I did, The Beatles were everywhere I turned. They have long been one of my father's favorite bands. As a product of the 60's, he will forever be stuck in that generation. Sadly, there are only two members of The Beatles still living: Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. (George Harrison passed away November 29, 2001.) The first Beatles member to pass though was the late great John Lennon, who I'd like to honor today.  

 Photo courtesy of  www.johnlennonartworks.com

Photo courtesy of www.johnlennonartworks.com

John Lennon was born in Liverpool and became involved with the "Skiffle Craze" which was a music genre consisting of jazz, blues, folk and American folk influences, usually using a combination of manufactured and homemade or improvised instruments. The Beatles were originally called The Quarrymen, but changed to The Beatles by 1960. 

Lennon was an accomplished artist in various mediums of art including music, writing, and drawings. His interviews and art often showcased his rebellious nature and wit. All of these artistic avenues were filled with his political anti-war views and peaceful ideals.

One of my favorite comic artists, Pablo Stanley, has a beautifully illustrated version of John's song, "Imagine". It started me on a quest a few years ago to research not only Lennon, but Stanley as well. A video of the comic, teamed with the original song, is below.

John went solo for a lot of his projects and was on, off, and then on again with Yoko Ono. The two finally teamed up for the album "Double Fantasy" in 1980. Lennon was tragically gunned down in front of his Manhattan apartment 3 weeks later on December 8th. 

I wanted to write this tribute for two reasons. One, 37 is my favorite number and two, The Beatles have been a huge part of my upbringing. It only made sense to celebrate the man on this particular commemorative day.

I was reminded of this anniversary by a close friend/co-worker, Tanner Peterson, who sent me a link with an amazing cover of the song "Across the Universe" by Dallas guitar virtuoso, Andy Timmons. Let's remember John Lennon today by listening to Andy's wonderful cover below.

Across The Universe by AndyTimmons

A loving instrumental tribute to John Lennon's moving spiritual composition. Instruments used: 1963 Epiphone Texan, 1963 Gibson J-160E, Ibanez AT100 prototype (the white one with rosewood fretboard), Mesa Boogie TA-30 amplifier

*Bonus picture of when Tanner met Andy!*

 Andy and Tanner at the 2017 Dallas Guitar Show

Andy and Tanner at the 2017 Dallas Guitar Show