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Is Donald Trump Right for America?

I struggled with the idea of this post. I wasn't sure if it was my place to write an article like this. Everyone has a freedom to say what ever they want to, but the question was/is, should I? Clearly, you're reading this as a published article, so you know my decision. I should also mention that although this is an opinion piece on a man I've never met, I went into researching him as unbiased as possible. Let's get on with it.

Is Donald Trump Right for America?

Where does one possibly start on an issue so massive? I suppose I'll start with how I would answer this question, which is, "No, but..." The "but" is there because although I don't believe Trump is right for the position, I don't want this article to come off as me hating the man himself, because I don't (though maybe I should?)

As I lean mostly liberal in my political opinions (whatever that seems to mean these days), I can't help but watch interviews dating back to the 1970's, mixed with what he has said/done in the past, and conclude that he wasn't always as terrible as he seems today. We're talking about a man who accidentally killed a football league and sued the NFL, but built an ice skating rink in New York when NYC's government was working too slow on the project. A man that has been accused of a Cuba embargo breach, but also renovated the Grand Hyatt and built the Trump Tower, which gave a lot of middle and lower class people a steady income. A celebrity whose ego is extremely apparent and leads to constant denial and lies of previously said things, but has appeared in the past, to care a lot about his workers.

 Photo courtesy of adweek

Photo courtesy of adweek

There is a lot to take in when speaking about The Donald, but most of these are personality traits mixed with opinions. The question at hand that really matters is the one above - is he presidential material? I've slightly covered the "but", but why the "No"?

As Obama would say, "let me be clear". Trump is in no way qualified to be our next U.S. president and yet, he may become our 45th (technically 44th). Here are just some of the examples of why he should not be our future commander-in-chief.

  • Donald Trump proposes things that may sound great at face value, but are in fact terrible ideas. Take his stance on ISIS. Everyone talks about ISIS like it's this big, bad army of evil soldiers. Now I don't want my point to be misconstrued, they do horrible things, but how much of a threat are they actually?
    Donald Trump seems to think that the majority of Muslims can't be trusted and that there's no way of knowing who is a terrorist and who isn't (even though we have a pretty good system in place). He has proposed marking them like the Nazi's did to the Jews and similar to how America treated the Japanese after Pearl Harbor. He knows that fear sells. The fact is, though, according to estimates, there are about 50,000 members in Syria and 30,000 in Iraq.
    You can take those numbers and compare them to how many people live in Syria: 22+ million and Iraq: 33+ million. That's 80,000 compared to roughly 55 million people. In case you don't want to do the math, ISIS is about .14% of the combined population of those two countries. That's lower than the combined percentage of active meth users in the united states.
  • The Donald lies a lot. Politifact shows that Trump has lied significantly more times than his opponent since announcing his candidacy for president.
  • In the recent debate, the outspoken Trump revealed how little he cares about international treaties. On top of that, he proposed that we should have stolen all of the oil from the middle east so that ISIS wouldn't have the money to operate. As you can see from the population numbers above, stealing all of the oil would not only hurt countless non-ISIS citizens and their economy, but it is also incredibly illegal.
  • Trump has shown time and again that he supports racism and sexism, all while using it to further his campaign. It practically become an underlying theme at his rallies.
  • The Donald doesn't understand global warming and he doesn't believe it's happening, even though 97% of climate scientists agree that it is. He also believes that it's... China's fault?
  • Trump has said some extremely scary things in regard to nuclear weapons.
 Photo courtesy of YouTube

Photo courtesy of YouTube

I could go on and on. It's pretty crazy how an egotistical, braggadocios billionaire has convinced the lower and middle class that he's their candidate. He commonly uses the stolen phrase "Make America Great Again" but when was America ever greater than it is now?

Is he referring to when we stole this land and murdered Native Americans (though technically not America yet)? Or when we had slaves? Or when we said we were tolerant of other religions, but we really weren't? When we were less scientifically advanced and science was trumped by belief (no pun intended)? When Caucasian Americans no longer had slaves, but still treated African Americans as inferior? Believe it or not, America isn't the liberal wasteland Trump wants you to think it is.

There are many reasons Trump is unqualified, but the main reason above all others is this: He has a big mouth and he says what's on his mind.

I know that's what a lot of people admire about him, but that is a terrible quality to have as a nation's leader. I think it's because people are confused on the term, "Speaking your mind". The definition they want it to mean is that whatever stance he has, he will stick to it no matter what; 'unwavering' if you will. The version we're actually getting is very straight forward though. He is literally saying the first thing that comes to his mind, disregarding whether or not what he is saying is accurate.

Now imagine that the voice of our country is in a situation where he/she has to speak to other countries about an important issue. This is not an instance where we want someone to merely say whatever they're feeling. Trump is looking at this election as he has looked at everything else in his life. Becoming president is just another deal he wants to close, and he'll do it at any cost.

This is a man who doesn't want to claim he is a politician, but what does that mean? We imagine someone in a suit on a stage telling us everything we want to hear, even though that person may not believe their own words. We imagine pandering, lying, and cheating to get where they want to be. You are not only envisioning the stereotypical politician we all have come to loathe, but you are also describing Donald Trump.

 Photo courtesy of keyword-suggestions

Photo courtesy of keyword-suggestions

Look, personally, I'm not extremely excited about this election year's candidates. Hillary has allegedly lied and has been caught in numerous scandals over the years. Johnson doesn't understand/believe in climate change and supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as well as no federal minimum wage, while believing there should be no restrictions on guns... at all. Lastly, Jill Stein seems to fancy Vladimir Putin almost as much as Trump does, and has a lot of non-progressive ideas that sound great at first, but would never translate into being a viable possibility.

The question was this: "Is Donald Trump Right for America?" After investigating his past, present, and future ideas, I can firmly, without reserve, say no. Toss out the "but" I added earlier to that sentence, because although the guy seemed okay in a past life, he is in no way fit to be our president.

In such an important election, Stein and Johnson would be throwaway votes. I know our two main-party system doesn't work as well as some may have hoped, but it's all we have right now for this election, so there's no point in arguing over it. It seems to me that if you want America to be prosperous, peaceful, and to remain 'free', you may consider voting for a candidate other than Trump.

 Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline

Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline