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Joss Whedon Gets Political.

 Photo courtesy of AVP Wikia

Photo courtesy of AVP Wikia

I love Joss and I was incredibly happy to see the Avengers do as well as it did. Before the Avengers, I would binge watch Dollhouse, Firefly, and Buffy. I even loved Cabin in the Woods, before I knew Thor as THOR.

None of this really matters to this post really, but it's my blog, so personal opinion is bound to leak in from time to time(most of the time). Anyway, the great Whedon just put out an anti-Trump ad, not FOR Hillary per say, but just against Trump himself. I can't imagine why anyone would be voting for Trump at this point, but apparently there are people still out there who have only heard he is on the republican ticket and that's why (I have to assume) they are still voting for him. Let me know what you think about Joss Whedon's new video. Personally, I think it's great.