A Plea for a Silver Surfer Movie.

  Planet Zenn-la by bbbeto

Planet Zenn-la by bbbeto

I almost named this article "My Top Favorite Comic Book Character Back Stories", but as I ran through all of them, it was too broad. Even saying "Top 5 Marvel" would be misleading as a title. This is because there is really only one Marvel character I desperately want properly brought to the big screen and that's the Silver Surfer. 

 Photo courtesy of  jaklumen.wordpress.com

Photo courtesy of jaklumen.wordpress.com

His inner-monologues and overall thoughts on life, freedom, and creativity in early issues of the comic may have initially struck a chord, but the main reason I love the Silver Surfer is our shared love for the cosmos and the drive to explore it. For those of you who don't know much about the S.S., I'll give a brief back story on the character.

Back Story

Silver Surfer, a.k.a. Norrin Radd, was born on a planet called Zenn-la, which has achieved worldwide peace. Wars are non-existent. Space has already been explored for the most part. To Norrin, Zenn-la is peaceful, but now boring. All of his peers are complacent and yet, Norrin just wants to explore the universe.

Most of Zenn-la's ships for space travel are in museums, as well as their weapons(the ones that weren't destroyed.) Very few of this world's inhabitants share Radd's ambitions and dreams. All seems well for the planet as a whole, until an incredibly powerful being named Galactus shows up to devour their planet out of hunger.

I know what you may be thinking, but Galactus really isn't all that bad of a being. As the Watcher said:

Galactus is not good, nor evil.
— The Watcher
 Photo Courtesy of  bronzeagebabies.blogspot.com

Honestly, I like Galactus almost as much as Norrin. Galactus is never really intentionally causing pain to the living, who's planets he devours. He is simply hungry and trying to survive. Okay I may be making him out to sound a little better than he really is. The truth more along the lines of "I've been doing this for so long I really don't care anymore who I hurt. Still, I see him as a desensitized god-like being.

Anyway, Norrin Radd ends up offering himself up as Galactus's herald and volunteers to find planets for him to feed upon, as long as he spares Zenn-la. The surfer's goal is to really lead him to planets that have not yet evolved 'life'. Once Galactus fills him with his own power cosmic energy(that sounds sexual), he is reborn as the silver surfer and begins his journey. 

How? Who?

The dream is that 20th Century Fox, who currently owns the rights to Silver Surfer, would share the property with Marvel Studios, like they have Spiderman. They could create an origin movie before Infinity War comes out and add him to the cast (since he is a huge part of that story line anyway.) As for casting, put Michael Fassbender or Boris Kodjoe as Silver Surfer. Either would be great in that role.

As director, *Insert Danny Boyle Here*. No question. I feel like he would do a phenomenal job on this and create some amazing cinematography as well.

Below, I've put the first two Silver Surfer episodes from 1998, so that you can watch his origin story yourself. As your watching, imagine this as a film. And I know, I want this too.