Getting Intimate with Bees.

 Bee sex from YouTube - forever in my search history.

Bee sex from YouTube - forever in my search history.

I realize what the title suggests, but sadly, I couldn't find a bee that was down to get intimate with me. I suppose that's okay, since bees have always scared me. My fear came from a hot summer day about a decade ago, in Garland, Tx.

My friend Neil, Ryan, and myself were skating behind a then church, when I noticed a bush of bees. Every time I would go to ollie into the ditch, bees would attack. Not being my finest moment, I flipped out and threw a 2 x 4 at the bee hive in the bush. Look, I told you it wasn't my finest moment.

Anyway, as I should have expected, one of the bees came out and stung me in the arm. Following that incident, over the next few years, I was stung 3 more times. Some might chalk this up to coincidence, but I knew better. I was in a life-long battle with these yellow furry bastards.

The point is, I'm creating this post to say this: "I'm sorry for throwing that wood at you guys and I'd really like it if we could go back to the relationship we had before you guys were assholes to me and I attacked your home. Truce? and look, if it helps, I'm going to show my readers some really beautiful photos of you guys taken by Sam Droege extremely close up, which were originally posted on National Geographic." 

For the original article on NG, click HERE.

Now, let's get REALLY intimate with bees and watch one's birth.

I still hate wasps.