Thoughts and Comments on the New 'Rings' Trailer

 Photo courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting

Photo courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting

Well, a new installment of 'The Ring' series is coming, and man, does it look exactly like you'd expect. Only VHS tapes aren't scary anymore, so now computers will be scary? I don't know. Check out the trailer and then see if your thoughts and comments are close to mine below.

  1. Why?

  2. We just saw the whole movie, day by day.

  3. Never trust the Kingpin.

  4. Samara takes over a plane a terrorist now?

  5. Is the ring tape on the dark web or is it just on YouTube for kids to accidentally watch? (Incredibly irresponsible, even for a ghost.)

  6. Why multiple rings? IS THERE A SECOND WELL?


So many questions. Too little care. Let's just find out right now if it kills us, shall we?