How LIFE BAGEL Came To Be.

For the past few months I've been working on a project originally slated as "Life Cheat", but it seemed like there were a lot of websites out there in the www with similar names for other projects. After brainstorming until my head hurt, I sat in a bathroom and tried to think. After a few food related suggestions from my fiance and others, I came up with "Life Bagel", where fiance then said, "You'll be spreading knowledge." In the moment, i knew I had found the name I was searching for.

The point of the site is to provide basic life skills that most young adults, like myself, never learned in high school or even college. When I had an issue, I would go to Google , but there were so many search results. How was I to know which would give me a direct answer? With this in mind, I began creating a website that would cover each section of life and answer the question in a straight forward and easy way, with generally 3-4 links and 3-4 videos that explained the issue directly and quickly.   

Remember when they tried to make this into a show? *shudders*

Remember when they tried to make this into a show? *shudders*

Now comes the difficult part. I have to market it and find my audience. I have a lot of ideas for this site for the future, in which I will definitely need to find a coder better than myself (much better). Though, that's the fun in creating a start-up, right? The unknown. I hope it takes off, as I would love to make this my full time job later in my life. Everyone's support so far has been awesome, so thank you. I'll continue to update you about the project as time goes on. 

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