Top 7 Podcasts I Listen To Each Week.

Podcasts have become such a fantastic medium for creators and listeners to deliver content. Every morning and every afternoon, to and from my day job, I listen to a podcast, however, I'm pretty selective. The Podcast not only needs to be informative and make me, the listener, feel like I'm learning something, but also needs to be engaging and overall, entertaining. 

Today, I decided to write a post and share with you all my eight favorite podcasts that I try and keep up with throughout the week. The podcasts cover a wide range of topics, but all areas that I find informative and...well...just damn right fun. Without further ado, here are the top seven podcasts I listen to each week (in no particular order).

1. Star Talk

StarTalk is by far my favorite podcast and also happens to be the first podcast I ever followed. Neil DeGrasse Tyson changed my life in a lot of different ways, but the most important thing he ever did was cause me to fall back in love with science. Like his mentor, Carl Sagan, Dr. Tyson has become the biggest contributor to popularizing science again for this generation with the Star Talk Podcast, his remake of Cosmos on Fox, as well as in many other ways. Every episode contains a variety of topics, though my favorite episodes are his Cosmic Queries, where people write in through social media and ask him different questions. I strongly recommend this podcast!

2. Smodcast

SModcast is a weekly podcast featuring filmmaker Kevin Smith and his long-time producing partner Scott Mosier, although guests are occasionally featured. Kevin Smith is my movie-creating hero, like Neil DeGrasse Tyson is my hero in science. I've loved Kevin Smith's movies for a long time and after reading his book "Tough Shit", he became one of my favorite humans. His podcast, as well as every time he opens his mouth, conveys this same feeling within in me. His humbleness mixed with wittiness and genius, always creates an interesting show. Kevin and Scott kill it in this podcast.

3. Skate To Create

The Skate to Create podcast is based around a passion of mine for well over 13 year now (skateboarding) and is run by the my friends over at Royal Deca. Each episode features a guest who does what he or she does with the inspiration that skateboarding provides. They've had professional/amateur skateboarders, artists, entrepreneurs, and many others from all different walks of life including, me. After listening to an episode, I always feel inspired in one way or another. To listen to the episode I did with them about my book, check it out Here.

4. Sk8 O' Clock

Sk8 O' Clock is another great podcast based around skateboarding and run by a friend of mine named Aaron McGowen. I started talking to Aaron and began listening to his podcast through the guys over at the Skate To Create podcast. Last year, I finally met him in person at an art event we attended at 4DWN skatepark in South Dallas. Aaron is such a cool dude on and off the mic and really has a great podcast show. Go and check him out by clicking the picture above!

5. TED Radio Hour by NPR

I've been watching TED talks for awhile now, but never knew about NPR's TED radio hour, until one day my fiance' sent me an episode. Ever since that day, I've been hooked. The shows format is that they take multiple TED speakers each episode and interview them, as well as present snippets of their talk. Each episode is based on a certain subject, for example, "Crisis and Response", "How Things Spread". "Hidden", and those are just recent episodes. I tend to listen to the radio hour on my way to and from work to get my brain working in the morning and help to keep it going after work, which is oddly calming after a stressful day. As a bonus, the host is Guy Raz, who has a way of using his voice to create amazing inflections that continue your interest throughout each show.    

6. The Pitch

The Pitch I recently began listening to last week and find it incredibly helpful, especially if you are a startup or entrepreneur that needs to one day pitch an idea to an angel investor. If not, it's still really fun to listen to. The show format is that they let you listen to an actual pitch to an angel investor and then near the end of the 17-ish minute episode, they let outside angel investors comment on whether or not they would invest in the idea. I also find it advantageous that you're on the ground floor of finding out about new startups each episode that could potentially help your own business model.

7. The Nerdist

 (Why was it so damn hard to find a bigger image for The Nerdist Podcast!?)

(Why was it so damn hard to find a bigger image for The Nerdist Podcast!?)

The Nerdist podcast is hosted by Chris Hardwick and caters to your inner nerd (whatever that word means to you nowadays.) Personally, Chris Hardwick is one of the funniest humans to listen to, in my humble opinion. His show is loaded with celebrities and never disappoints. If you want to find out what happened to Will Sasso after MAD TV or to bask in the awesomeness that is B-Movie star, Bruce Campbell, then the Nerdist is for you.

Do you have a podcast you love that I missed and would recommend to myself and other readers? Let us know in the comments!

  Additional Science-related podcasts I'll be checking out soon. Click on the image above!

Additional Science-related podcasts I'll be checking out soon. Click on the image above!