How The Internet Came To Be.

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Don't you just love the internet? Well, you owe its existence to science and more specifically, a long history of science and the work being done to create a particle accelerator. Originally, we were suppose to have this superconducting super collider(particle accelerator), that would change the particle physics world, here in my home state: Texas. Our government decided after spending around $2 billion to scrap the project in October of 1993 and spend it elsewhere in science. The project moved to Switzerland, where we later discovered the Higgs particle and continue to move forward in the pursuit of scientific knowledge today. Read more about the Higgs HERE.

'CERN', as the project is called, created and released the WORLDWIDEWEB source code. This made it possible for me to share this article with you now. 23 years later, this one action has led to an economical boom, an outlet for creativeness and harm, and a way for us to connect like never before. April 30, 1993 will go down in history as a day that changed everything.

The move had an immediate effect on the spread of the web. By late 1993, there were over 500 known web servers, by the end of 1994 there were 10,000, and 10 million users. Traffic was equivalent to shipping the collected works of Shakespeare every second.

Let's back up for a second. CERN released the source code to everyone, but the research that led to the internet goes back further in time. It all began about 50+ years ago. The people over at Life Noggin put this great, brief video together to explain: 

So, to everyone out there cruisin' around the internet today, let's buy a pizza and celebrate science and the technology that dare I say it...CHANGED THE WORLD!